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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s History books present leading edge research for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. We publish fresh insights across a wide range of historical periods and themes, from ancient history to the modern age, and explorations of social and gender history. An essential resource for individuals who are studying history, we are also proud to publish a number of innovative Series titles in History and Classical Studies.

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Film and the Historian

Films are not just for audiences: historians of the twentieth century have much to learn from them. A film exposes the attitudes and unconsidered trifles that people took for granted and which were not considered worth recording elsewhere. This volume surveys British cinema from the final days of the Second World War to the early 1...

Modern Cities

This book presents ten types of city that are the product of the modernisation of the world in the past two centuries. That modernisation has changed the economic, social and political context in which cities have developed, as well as the form and function of cities themselves. Of the ten city types detailed, some of them—like nat...

Race Theory and Literature

This study is based on the primary assumption that literature and racial theories have a peculiar, if not unique, interplay, offering an in-depth exploration of the very specific way in which literature and conceptions dealing with race interact. Recent scholarship has started to examine this relationship, although either with a ge...

Religion in Early Assam

This volume offers a fresh approach to the existing literature on religion in Early Assam, bringing together perspectives from the fields of archaeology, religion, history and heritage. For decades, the Naraka legend has been incorporated into history without due critical attention and analysis of the historical context, while arch...

The Significance and Social Impact of Quarrying in Shropshire in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Quarrying is one of the oldest industries known to man, as, from early times, people have been making items from stone. However, the quarrying industry is only briefly mentioned in most archaeological and historical records, with some books only giving a passing account of this activity. This book alters this and provides an in-dep...

The Struggle of Democratisation against Authoritarianism in Contemporary Africa

This book discusses how the historical dimensions in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa are similar: dominated by oppressive settler colonialism and authoritarian independent governments, their ruling elites characterised by greed and corruption.Zimbabwe is outstandingly oppressive, plagued from the start by planned, regularised, fer...

The Mythical Mediterranean Sea

This volume brings together papers presented at the 7th Annual International Conference co-organised by Florence University of the Arts, Italy, and Stony Brook University (SUNY), USA. The contributors explored the many connections that define the Mediterranean Sea as a symbol of tradition and modernity, and examined it as a region ...

A Population History of the Missions of the Jesuit Province of Paraquaria

Scholars have debated the demographic consequences for the indigenous populations of the Americas of 1492, the beginning of sustained contact between the Old and New Worlds. Some have hypothesized an initial die-off of indigenous population resulting from the introduction of highly contagious crowd diseases such as smallpox and mea...

British Religion and the World Wars

Religion did much to shape contemporary British opinion and behaviour during the First and Second World Wars, but it featured rather less in the initial historiography of either conflict. The situation has changed considerably in the past half-century, with a steadily increasing number of academic and popular outputs on the religio...

Depictions of the Three Orders and Estates around the Year 1500

This volume highlights the copious and various depictions of the three orders of society during the Late Middle Ages and at the beginning of the Early Modern Period. It discusses the origins and development of the trifunctional division into the orders of the oratores, bellatores and laboratores, and the abundantly preserved visual...

The Meaning of Being Illuminati

This book articulates a new research program, called “Ur-Illuminism,” which consists in an integrated and systematic study of humanity’s quest for “illumination,” namely, for the highest and noblest possible mode of being. Thus, it takes on the challenge of revising widely accepted ways of understanding and interpreting the ontolog...

The Political Warfare Executive Syllabus Volume I

“Time bombs,” “Trojan Horses” and “Dithering Hamlets” were all part of the everyday jargon of the World War II’s ultra-Secretive Political Warfare Executive (PWE). The PWE’s instructors used these terms in the training of the next generation of propagandists and political warriors. The Political Warfare Executive Syllabus reveals f...
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