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The Nigerian Cocoa Industry and the International Economy in the 1930s

Periodic cycles and waves are characteristics of global capitalism. The contraction in world trade during the Great Depression of the 1930s stands out as the strongest adverse shock to international trade in modern history. This book uses the Nigerian cocoa industry’s encounter with the world economy of the 1930s to knit together a...

African Intellectuals and the State of the Continent

This festschrift is composed in honor of a distinguished scholar and Pan-Africanist, Professor Sulayman S. Nyang, whose career and intellectual pursuits spans more than 45 years—much of it at Howard University. Nyang’s contributions to African affairs transcend the scope of the academic world as he served as First Secretary and Hea...

A Visual Catalog of Spanish Frontier Missions, 16th to 19th Centuries

From the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, the Spanish Crown sponsored missions staffed by members of different Catholic missionary orders to evangelize the indigenous populations, and engage in social engineering in line with royal policy. The missionaries directed the construction of building complexes that included ch...

Biologists in the Age of Totalitarianism

This fascinating volume resulted from one man’s frustration with the series of whitewashed obituaries and laudations he had to endure in his long career in West Germany. These were often of biologists who had worked in the Third Reich, a period generally skipped over in such eulogies. Dr Eugeniusz Nowak, born in Poland in 1933, the...

Dialogues on the Delta

This collection of essays examines the city of Stockton, California from an interdisciplinary perspective. Stockton is in the heart of the Central Valley, an agricultural region that comprises a diverse population and rich history. This book covers the economic downturn of the city that was ground zero for the housing market crisis...

Historiography of World War II in Contemporary American Cinema

The sensual experience generated by the diegetic film allows the comprehension of the narrated event to frame the representation practiced in film. In a similar vein, the historiography of the historical diegetic film transmits its perspective of the historical event it represents to the audience through its sensual experience.Expl...

Representing Royalty

Since the early days of cinema, filmmakers have been intrigued by the lives and loves of British monarchs. The most recent productions by ITV and Netflix show that the fascination with British royalty continues unabated both in Britain and around the world.This book examines strategies of representing power and the staging of myths...

Saving Sinners, even Moslems

This book investigates the Mission of the Reformed Church in America sent to Arabia in 1889 to preach the Gospel, and which operated in the Persian Gulf until 1973. It also explores the various cultural encounters between missionaries and Muslims, and discusses conversion and the place of Islam in the Protestant eschatology. It mai...

Talking Back against the Nazi Scheme to Kill the Handicapped Citizens of Germany 1933-1945

When Hitler came to power in 1933, he labeled physically and mentally handicapped citizens as dangerous to the genetic health of the German people. He initiated a compulsory sterilization program that eventually blocked 400,000 citizens from enjoying any normal family life. With the onset of war in 1939, he decided that resources s...

Texts and Territories

The writing of a literary text is as a retrospective explanation of what is happening in the present, including social, cultural, religious, and political events, and is a deliberate re-creation in actual practice. The impact of immediate contemporary concerns places a literary text at least partly outside the author’s control. The...

The Language of Color in China

This is the first book to explore color history in Asia. Color is a natural phenomenon and a fundamental element of the universe, and offers a medium to communicate with others globally. It is a language of signals, such as traffic lights, signs or symbols, and an essential part of society. Color attracts people’s attention and tra...

John Greaves, Pyramidographia and Other Writings, with Birch's Life of John Greaves

This is a modern-spelling edition of John Greaves’s Pyramidographia (1646), together with some miscellaneous travel-writings, letters and a biography of Greaves by Thomas Birch. It includes a full scholarly introduction and detailed notes. This book is the first of its kind in English, and undertakes a scientific evaluation of the ...
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