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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s History books present leading edge research for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. We publish fresh insights across a wide range of historical periods and themes, from ancient history to the modern age, and explorations of social and gender history. An essential resource for individuals who are studying history, we are also proud to publish a number of innovative Series titles in History and Classical Studies.

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Casino Capitalism, Society and Politics in China’s Macau

This book explores the characteristics of casino capitalism in Macau under Chinese sovereignty and administration. It argues that casino capitalism propelled the region’s economic prosperity and social stability in the period starting from the internationalization of the casino industry in 2002 to the end of 2019. However, casino c...

Charisma and Religious War in America

The most interesting, vibrant and booming city in 1920s America was Los Angeles. Tens of thousands of new folks annually flocked to the City of Angels to enjoy its balmy, year-round pleasant weather. The site of new industries, including oil and technology companies and Hollywood film studios, it sparked another important and thriv...

Charles D’Oyly’s Lost Satire of British India

This book brings to light an extraordinary satiric epic on Britain’s empire, one suppressed right after its publication in 1828. Tom Raw, the Griffin, written and illustrated by the Romantic artist Charles D’Oyly, is vital, engaging, morally earnest, and trenchant in its critique—and wickedly funny in its observations and depiction...

Ionising Radiation and Mankind

This book provides a comprehensive account of the developments and current status in several fields of the application of radioactivity and ionising radiation. It covers such topics as radiation-based techniques, radiation’s applications in medicine, food and agriculture, its impact on industry, and its associated materials. The bo...
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