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Health Professions

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s titles on the Health Professions incorporate leading, empirically grounded research on subjects such as chiropody, podiatry, and physical therapy. Of interest to both healthcare professionals and academic researchers, the collection draws from a range of international practitioners at the forefronts of their respective fields.

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Obesity as a Common Denominator in Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Obesity is widely regarded as a shared, modifiable risk factor of both breast cancer (BC) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive BC displays very aggressive behavior, and can be effectively treated with targeted therapies and chemotherapy regimens, though such treatments can induc...

Factors Conditioning the Autonomy of Patients in Decision-Making Processes in Clinical Settings

This book explores the factors that determine and influence the quality of care in clinical setting from the perspective of understanding the decision-making capacity of patients. It looks at the nurse’s relationship with the patient, including the implications of this relationship in nursing practice; the relationship of the nurse...

Nutrition and Science

This book offers a completely up-to-date summary of nutritional medicine as it applies to frontline medical professionals, medical students and the interested layperson. Newspapers often give contradictory and confusing reports on issues such as alcohol intake, dietary sugars versus fats and the value (or lack thereof) of taking su...

Music Therapy in Turkey

The use of music in therapeutic practice in Turkey and the surrounding geographical regions is not a new phenomenon. Until recently, however, the music therapy profession, as it is known in the modern world, had not been institutionalized as a scientific discipline in Turkey. However in recent years, encouraging developments have started to occur in this regard. In this book, readers will find articles about the perceptions of music therapy in Turkey, the evaluation of the dichotomy of postmodernism and modernism in music therapy, an evaluation of Edward William Elgar's compositions for patients at Powick Mental Hospital, and music educators' role and place in music therapy, among others. The book represents essential reading for those interested in the field of music therapy studies in Turkey, and also highlights the importance of interdisciplinary studies.
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