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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's titles in Health feature leading works on social, behavioral, and psychologyical approaches to healthcare, medicine, and other core areas of the Health Sciences. Authored by social scientists and healthcare professionals alike, this collection is an essential companion to our broader, more scientific titles in the Health Sciences.  

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Understanding the Misunderstood in Emergency, Hospital and Outpatient Care for Special Populations

This powerful, high-yield guidebook sheds crucial light on a rapidly growing and yet underrepresented, vulnerable and unique population of individuals: those who are affected by one or more developmental disabilities.The first section provides background and lays out the medical disease associations and unique physical, emotional a...

Teacher Self-Care

Teachers face many challenges. Despite these, they give much of themselves to their students. This book is about taking care of oneself in simple, yet scientific ways. On an airplane, you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first and the other person’s after that. You cannot assist others unless you are fully ready to go yourse...

A Concise Treatise on Natural Remedies

This volume examines the use of natural remedies in health and disease, blending scientific findings known to operate in the alternative and complementary medicine modalities with those utilized in folklore medicine. It points toward a unified theory that links the development of chronic degenerative diseases with inflammation, and...

The Esoteric Symbolism of Shamanic Trance and Altered States Phenomena

Bringing together extensive research on psychology, psychophysiology and phenomenology of the shamanic trance and altered states of consciousness, this book represents a cross-cultural approach to the study of shamanism. It discusses Buryat shamanism in Siberia in comparison with Buddhist and Hindu Yogic techniques, as well as othe...
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