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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's titles in Health feature leading works on social, behavioral, and psychologyical approaches to healthcare, medicine, and other core areas of the Health Sciences. Authored by social scientists and healthcare professionals alike, this collection is an essential companion to our broader, more scientific titles in the Health Sciences.  

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Rare and Uncommon Diseases

This book explores a number of uncommon diseases, including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, Huntington’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, psychosis, rabies, psoriasis, and many more. Each disease is explained with regards to its symptoms, diagnosis, causes and treatment. Keywords are also included to prov...

MINDFlow, the Path to Mindfulness-in-flow in Relationships, Work and Home Life

This innovative book combines two very special states of awareness—“mindfulness” and “flow”—into a new and unique state called “mindflow”. The practice of mindflow leads to a stress-free, healthy, fulfilling and effective life in today’s complex and challenging environment.It brings together current understanding and research of mi...

Social Network Analysis in Sport Research

Social network analysis is a methodological tool used to investigate social networks, or collections of individuals, groups, or organizations and their shared relationships. Sport researchers increasingly have applied social network analysis to a variety of sport contexts, from team interactions among players and coaches to tailgat...

Meltdown and the Neuroscience of Stress

This book investigates the concept of stress, how it causes a cluster of life-threatening diseases, in particular Alzheimer's disease, and what you can do to save yourself. It is the summation of what the author, a neurologist, has learned about stress throughout his career. Stress damages the brain in specific ways that cause migr...
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