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Picture of Global Communication

Global Communication

ISSN No: 2516-4260
Series Editor(s):
Yahya R. Kamalipour

Series Description

• The Global Communication Book Series, published in both print and digital formats, will include cutting-edge research papers presented at the Global Communication Association annual conferences around the world, and will be of interest to diverse students, scholars, researchers, and media professionals.
• The published volumes will be suitable for use in a variety courses in mass media, cultural studies, international studies, global studies, intercultural communication, political science, international relations, journalism, social media, emerging technologies, and related fields.
• Interested authors/editors may submit book proposals related to global communication and media studies for inclusion in this series via the series editor Dr Yahya Kamalipour at

Editor(s) Biography

Yahya R. Kamalipour is a Full Professor of Communication and former Chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at North Carolina A&T State University. Previously, he served as Professor and Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Northwest, USA. His areas of interest and research include globalization, media impact, international communication, Middle East media, and new communication technologies. Profiled in Contemporary Authors and Who’s Who in the World, he has published sixteen books, including Global Discourse in Fractured Times, Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media (with Mike Friedrichsen), Communicating through the Universe (with Nadejda Greidina), and Global Communication. Kamalipour has served as an international academic consultant for several colleges and universities and on advisory and editorial boards of a dozen prominent communication journals. He is the founder and managing editor of Global Media Journals, founder of the Centre for Global Studies at Purdue University Northwest, and founder and president of the Global Communication Association. He has been interviewed by various major newspapers and broadcast media, including BBC, Reuters, ABC, VOA, RFL/RL, National Public Radio, Radio France International, The Indianapolis Star, Quill, and The Washington Post, among others. He received his PhD in Communication at the University of Missouri-Columbia, his MA in Mass Media at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, and his BA in Mass Communication at the Minnesota State University. For additional information, visit

Series Titles

Communicating through the Universe

This collection presents studies of communication in the many forms it takes around the world. The book represents humanistic and social scientific scholarly approaches to communication which includes mediated information as well as face-to-face interactions. It reflects a wide range of topical problems, including traditional and n...

Global Discourse in Fractured Times

Communication and information, facilitated by the internet and social media, play a highly influential role in the daily lives of peoples around the world. Drawing attention to many contemporary issues, the contents of this eclectic, multifaceted, international, and well-researched volume are engaging, thought-provoking, and inform...