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General Engineering

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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on the Use of iPads in Higher Education

With the widespread implementation of tablet computers in Higher Education (HE), this book will be of interest to academics from a variety of disciplines, and to learning technologists who are considering the use of iPads for teaching and learning or have an interest in mobile learning in general.The proceedings from the 2nd Intern...

Retrofitting the Built Environment

The building sector exerts huge pressure on the built and natural environment and despite significant efforts to minimise the consequences, the International Energy Agency submitted that, by 2050, emissions related to buildings could double. However, in the building sector, significant improvement in energy use and reduction in gre...

The Application of Airborne Lidar Data in the Modelling of 3D Urban Landscape Ecology

Compared with traditional remote sensing technologies, airborne Lidar data can provide researchers with additional 3D positional information, which is a key factor for advanced urban research, and particularly that of urban landscape ecology. Therefore, the need for applying Lidar data to a variety of disciplines is rapidly growing...

Multimodality across Communicative Settings, Discourse Domains and Genres

This volume focuses on multimodality in various communicative settings, with special attention to how non-verbal elements reinforce and add meaning to verbal expressions. The first part of the book explores issues related to the use of multimodal resources in educational interactions and English language classroom teaching, also in...

Smartphone-based Learning in the Japanese ESL Classroom

Mobile Assisted Learning emerged from Computer Assisted Learning, with researchers extending computer-based activities to mobile platforms, but differs from the latter in many ways. First, it is obviously mobile, but, second, smartphones have converged many features and software that were previously accessible through a range of di...

Power Quality

Power quality is a very broad subject, covering all stages of power systems engineering, from the generation, transmission, and distribution levels to the end-users. This book contains a selection of the best papers on power quality presented at the International Conferences on Renewable Energy and Power Quality from 2003 to 2012.T...

Landscapes of Participatory Making, Modding and Hacking

This book describes maker culture as it is manifested in particular socio-cultural contexts, and describes some of the underlying narratives behind the emergence of such cultures and hackerspaces. With reference to case studies, it invites a recasting of long-standing academic notions of industrialization, industrial location, urba...

Media Theory and Cultural Technologies

In recent decades, media theory has become one of the most influential trends in contemporary thinking, namely within cultural studies, the arts and humanities. Spreading mostly from the German scholarly scene, under the influence of post-structuralism, media theory has developed as a fundamental theoretical framework, for many fie...

The Evolution and Emergence of QR Codes

Not much literature exists on QR (Quick Response) Codes and their applications in the emerging digital society, making this foundational text very important to the field of technology. Revolving around the evolution and characteristics of QR Codes, it begins with a comprehensive discussion of past technologies, linking them with th...

Synergies of English for Specific Purposes and Language Learning Technologies

Bilingualism and multilingualism both make a major contribution in cross-cultural interaction, but, at the same time, improve various cognitive abilities, such as better attention and multitasking. Meaning in the world around us is represented by means of the language that is used for communication and knowledge exchange between in...

Towards Efficient Photovoltaic Devices

Fossil fuels are limited resources and are anticipated to be exhausted within the next few decades. Solar energy is the only renewable resource capable of adequately meeting today’s total global energy demand. Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSCs) represent a novel class of photovoltaic devices that mimic nature’s photosynthesis proces...

An Exploration of Technology and its Social Impact

This book provides a set of important articles dealing with technology’s role and its social impact within the new information age. Taking into consideration the rapid changes within the modern social sphere, the book will be of interest to those seeking to understand how technology is currently reshaping life, as well as its capac...
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