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Series: Education

Cambridge Scholars has a small but rapidly growing list of education series, including key titles on multicultural and intercultural education. We welcome proposals for new volumes within existing series as well as proposals for new series. For more information contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at

Nordic Studies on Diversity in Education

Like the rest of the world, the Nordic countries have become more heterogeneous than ever before. This means that Nordic educational institutions have increasing diversity in terms of origins, languages, religions/worldviews but also socio-cultural background of the different actors involved (staff, parents and students). It is well known across the world that these countries are based on a common set of fundamental values such as democracy, social justice and inclusion. Yet when it comes to the treatment of diversity, especially in education, many issues remain unresolved.Many innovative and ...

Post-intercultural Communication and Education

This book series, eclectic in scope, seeks to extend and revitalize scholarship on intercultural communication and education by publishing innovative, interdisciplinary and critical analyses of intercultural encounters. “Post-intercultural” refers to a recent paradigm shift in the way the ‘intercultural’ is conceptualized and researched, which lays more emphasis on the ‘inter-‘ and plural identities rather than on the ‘-cultural’ when dealing with questions of migration, glocalization, digitalization, and Otherness. The primary objective of the series is to challenge e.g. differentialism, culturism and neocol...

Multicultural and Intercultural Education Series

This series offers insightful analysis of various concepts, approaches and practices associated with the inter-thematic field of multicultural and intercultural education, bringing together contributions from various educational disciplines. The books published under this series highlight why multicultural and intercultural education is currently the most important educational perspective, what this term means in theory and practice, its contents and methodology, and how it can be adapted to meet the needs of a globalised world and the local needs of plural societies.