Şirin Gülcen  Eren

Şirin Gülcen Eren


Middle East Technical University

Dr Şirin Gülcen Eren is an Associate Professor and vice chair in the Süleyman Demirel University's (SDU) Department of City and Regional Planning, Turkey. She obtained her City Planning degree (1991), Master's degree (1995), and PhD degree (2007) from the Middle East Technical University's (METU) Faculty of Architecture Department of City and Regional Planning, Turkey. She received the "Serhat Özyar Young Scientist Award 2008" for her doctorate thesis; the prize is a national award jointly given by the UCTEA Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Science and Utopia Cooperative, and METU Academicians’ Association. Şirin started her career with a short planning experience in the private sector between 1991 and 1992. She became an assistant in the METU City and Regional Planning Department, and from 1994 onwards she has worked in the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. She played an active part in temporary and permanent housing activities following the 1999 Eastern Marmara earthquake, and carried on general coordination studies of foreign credits and donations. She was also responsible for relations with supranational and international institutions. She then became the coordinator of the European Union Relations Unit of the Ministry between 2000 and 2001. From 2001 until the end of 2006, she studied architecture, engineering, consultancy, and construction issues within the content of the WTO Services Trade General Agreement (GATS) and bilateral and multilateral negotiations as the only national sectoral expert. Between 2004 and 2006, she was the project coordinator of the World Bank's MEER Project A.3.1. sub-component, designed as a post-earthquake recovery and institutional capacity building activity. She worked in the General Directorate of Disaster Affairs between 2006 and 2008. Şirin was also the head of the Authorization Branch and, for a certain time, the head of the Department of Certification and Registry of the General Directorate of Professional Services at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism (2009-2014). She was also the head of the Authors of Plan Qualification Evaluation Commission between 2010 and 2014. Prior to her involvement in academic life in 2017, she was also a part-time basic design course instructor in the Gazi University Department of City and Regional Planning, Ankara. She has taken part in a number of institutional and intra-institutional studies and commissions. She has participated at national or international scientific meetings, panels, and sessions as an invited speaker or consultant, and besides her various publications, she has received several certificates and awards. Among these are the Ankara University ATAUM 2003 European Union International Relations Course award. She is a chartered member of the UCTEA Chamber of City and Regional Planners, and head of the Technic and Polytechnic Research, Development, and Implementation Association (TP.RDiA). She is a member of the Association of Saving, Preserving and Rehabilitating the Antique City of Antandros and a member of the Zeytindalı Women Cooperative Management Board. Şirin has competence in basic and urban design, urban history, cultural geography, coastal zone management, land policies, and professional qualifications and licensing systems. She is currently carrying out studies on technic and polytechnic organizations (TEPO Directory), ancient cadastral systems and urbanization, Geostamps©, and Antique Spatial Networks. She is the inventor of Geostamps© as well as the first ancient map/plan – The Plan of Akarçay Tepe of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Age (10689 BC).