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Editorial Advisory Board's Recommended Reads - May 2014

This May, three of our Editorial Advisory Board members, Dr Terri Apter, Professor Richard Cogdell and Margaret Exley CBE, have chosen their ‘Recommended Reads’: a handpicked selection of our best-selling titles, which are noteworthy for the contribution they make to their field.

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Dr Terri Apter’s ‘Recommended Read’:

The Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security

Editors: Jalil Roshandel and Nathan Lean

“When Cherie Blair spoke about the hopelessness that drives young people to become suicide bombers, there was such outrage that the then Prime Minister’s wife had to apologise profusely for her offence.  The Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security defies the cultural cliché that explanations involve “sympathy for the terrorists”. Jalil Roshandel and Nathan Lean bring together a selection of papers from many disciplines to explore why one individual becomes a terrorist and another does not, and how some political and religious cultures, in some contexts, construct myths and motives for terrorism.  In rebutting the reductive assumption that terrorist acts spring from an evil beyond our understanding, the editors de-mystify terrorism, thereby reducing the risks of escalation and increasing the possibility of effective security.”

Professor Richard Cogdell’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Darwinism and Natural Theology: Evolving Perspectives

Editor: Andrew Robinson

“This book is a collection of essays that arose from a conference on this topic. In many ways, the book echoes a debate that has resonated down the years since Darwin’s ‘Origin of the species’ was first published and recapitulates many of the classic arguments, putting them into an up-to-date context and even dealing with so-called ‘intelligent design’. Evolution powered by natural selection is one of the great pillars on which modern biology is based. It is clear though that this concept is still challenging to Christian theology even when that theology does not believe that everything in the Bible is literally true. For people, like me, interested in this debate, this is an excellent and stimulating read.”

Margaret Exley’s ‘Recommended Read’:

New Directions in Management and Organization Theory

Editor: Jeffrey A. Miles

"I found this both an interesting and diverse overview of the latest theory on management and organization and a very useful single point of reference on new thinking in the field. The papers in the book were all tabled at a conference in 2013, which was deliberately designed to stimulate and pull together the latest theories from the best authors and institutions (including Harvard, LBS, LSE, Cornell, Duke). Theories presented range from micro theories on performance in diverse groups, to the theories of enterprise risk management and financial sociology. Highlights included a paper on how emergent leaders inadvertently create conflict, a fascinating paper on the concept of organisational medicine, and a paper on structuring community engagement to facilitate product development. An excellent resource based on a very helpful intervention."

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