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Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Economics, Econometrics and Finance books span the entirety of these broad and complex fields, encompassing titles on the connections between economics and business, development, law, history, labor, and health. We also publish a range of introductory and methodological texts in these areas, ensuring that the collection is a vital reference point for economists, academics, and students alike.

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Competition Law in Times of Crisis

This book examines the role and utility of competition law within the EU’s legislative and regulatory dialogue, using its response to crisis conditions as a test of its aims and abilities. As such, its main conclusion is that competition policy acts as a forum for debate as to the direction of the European integration project, whil...

Currencies and Cultures

Why cultures are different can be examined through the multifaceted lens of their currencies, their economic policies, and the very foundations of how money works. Anyone who has traveled abroad immediately senses the cultural differences, even before learning about the language, politics, or history of the people. The tourist is p...

The Historical Origin of the African Economic Crisis

This book illuminates the answers to various major questions on African development related to international trade and finance. It explores the economic interaction between Africa and the now-developed countries (the West) in the past and China today, as well as the legacy of these interactions for Africa’s growth and poverty reduc...

The New Gendered Plundering of Africa

This ethnographic study on Nigerian street prostitution in Italy transforms the understanding of the phenomenon of prostitution, questions the impact of European and Italian migration and prostitution laws on human rights, and investigates the legal, political and socio-economic conditions that create a permissive environment for t...

Democracy, the State and the Market

This volume discusses the history of the formation of the ideas of freedom, and different approaches to economic liberalism and their consequences on policy decisions and democracy. It then moves on to look at the relationship between democracy (meant as the collective legislator), the State (as the leading player in welfare and in...

Design for Visual Communication

The contents of this book are mainly based on ideas discussed within the framework of the 2016 International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC). This event was initiated at the beginning of the new millennium and has since developed into an internationally respected event. The chapters included in this volume...

Enhancing and Capturing More Value from the Caribbean Community’s Value Chains

The organization of production processes into a chain of production stages that could be located in different countries, each of which provide a unique advantage, has become a defining characteristic of international trade. Industrial development, the movement of intermediate products, and the trading of final goods and services ar...

Israel from the Outside and Inside

This book explores Israel’s relations with its friends and foes, in the present and the past, by looking into news media outlets and their effect. There are several international political players involved in Israel’s tough neighborhood of the Middle East, and some of them are portrayed in this book through the dimension of media c...

Publishing and Culture

Publishing is currently going through dramatic changes, from globalisation to the digital revolution. A whole culture of events, practices and processes has emerged centred around books and writing, which means that scholars of publishing need to understand it as a social and cultural practice as much as it is a business. This book...

Global Agricultural Revolutions, Trade, Policies and Vision

The perceived limits to producing food for a growing global population have been a source of debate and preoccupation for ages. Both experts and the public have been vigilant when regarding the world food situation and outlook. The global agricultural vision has recently moved from eliminating hunger and poverty to a new focus on f...

Making Reform Happen

This book provides readers with a holistic picture of government reform activity in four countries—namely, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam—located in East and Southeast Asia. The case study of each country offers a detailed understanding of their respective reform trajectories and the context within which actions have been ...

The Impact of Development on the Environment and Human Rights

This book looks into the developmental policies that have been followed in India since independence and their impact on both the environment and human rights. It also explores some of the major theoretical discourses, and debates these topics and the responses large-scale developmental projects in India have elicited from marginali...
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