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Picture of Divine Madness

Divine Madness

Author(s): Harry Edwin Eiss

Book Description

Lila is Sanskrit for play, the play of the gods. It is the self-generating genesis of Bliss, created by Bliss for the purpose of Bliss. It is the uninhibited, impulsive sport of Brahman, the free spirit of creation that results in the spontaneous unfolding of the cosmos to be found in the eternity of each moment. It is beyond the confining locks and chains of reason, beyond the steel barred windows looking out from the cages of explanation, beyond the droning tick-tick-tick of the huge mechanical clocks of time.

Come, let us enter the realm of the madman and the finely wrought threads of Clotho as they are measured out by Lachesis and cut by Atropos to create the great tapestry of life, including the intricate, intertwining designs of dementia with the trickster, the shaman, the scapegoat, the shadow, the artist and the savior.

Come, let us join in the divine madness of the gods.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-3298-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-3298-7
Date of Publication: 01/10/2011
Pages / Size: 525 / A5
Price: £54.99


Harry Edwin Eiss is a full professor at Eastern Michigan University, where he teaches world mythology, literature, and creative writing. His publications include Insanity and Genius, Christ of the Coal Yards, Young Adult Literature and Culture, and Children’s Literature and Culture (Cambridge Scholars Publishing); Metaesthetics (Pearson Press); Images of the Child (Bowling Green University Press); and Dictionary of Mathematical Games, Puzzles, and Amusements, Dictionary of Language Games, Puzzles and Amusements, and Literature for Youth on War and Peace (Greenwood Press). He has taught at numerous colleges and universities, including The University of North Dakota, Northern Montana College, Minnesota State University, and Pacifica, and received national recognition for his pedagogy.