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Picture of Current Streams in American Art Education

Current Streams in American Art Education

Author(s): Elena Polyudova

Book Description

This book analyses the modern approaches in American art education from historical and comparative perspectives. It observes the general principles of teaching the fine arts in the USA, exploring the ideas of visual culture studies, modern generational characteristics, and social educational factors as part of the current educational environment. Based on a wide variety of academic and practical sources, the book considers the transformation of the aesthetic experience, the general concept of art education, in the modern multicultural milieu. To illustrate the current streams in contemporary American art pedagogy, it embraces a broad spectrum of references, including the classification of art museums in the USA and museums’ school projects.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-0611-4
ISBN-10: 1-5275-0611-8
Date of Publication: 01/03/2018
Pages / Size: 135 / A5
Price: £58.99


Dr. Elena Polyudova is a Distant Associate Scholar at the Institute of Art Education and Culturology at the Russian Academy of Education. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Pedagogy of Art journal and of the Scientific Committee of the journal Social Sciences and Culture. As an author and editor, she has published a number of books and articles on art education and cultural studies, including Current Issues and Strategies in ES Studies (2014), Once Upon a Time in the Contemporary World: Modern Vision of Old Stories (2016), and Soviet War Songs in the Context of Russian Culture (2016). Dr. Polyudova teaches Russian and English languages at several institutions in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Her current interests of studies are the entire multicultural and cross-cultural environment in the modern world, the educational dialogical space in art education and museum pedagogy.