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Picture of Culture, Communion and Recovery

Culture, Communion and Recovery

Tolkienian Fairy-Story and Inter-Religious Exchange

Author(s): Alana M. Vincent

Book Description

Recent scholarship on Tolkien has been especially attentive not only to the importance of religion in his personal life, but also to the wider theological implications which may be drawn from his works. In this study, Alana M. Vincent argues that the cultural influence of The Lord of the Rings provides an excellent model for understanding the mutually transformative relationship between religion and culture, and in so doing also provides an important and unexplored pathway for inter-religious exchange.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-4051-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-4051-3
Date of Publication: 01/09/2012
Pages / Size: 120 / A5
Price: £39.99


Alana M. Vincent is the Rothschild Fellow in Jewish Studies at the University of Glasgow, and formerly the Barbro Osher Research Fellow in Memory of Krister Stendahl at the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem. Her areas of specialization are in contemporary Judaism, Jewish-Christian dialogue, and religion and the arts. She is the author of Remembering Amalek (Pickwick Press, 2012) and editor of Memory, Mourning, Landscape (Rodopi, 2010).