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Series: Cultural Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a growing list of titles within our cultural studies series, presenting vibrant interdisciplinary research from leading centres of excellence including the Institute for African Development, Cornell University, USA. We have a number of new series on cultural studies in development and welcome volume proposals for these, as well as proposals for new series launches. For more information contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at

Studies in African Humanities

The Studies in African Humanities Series recognizes that the various different fields of the humanities are not only interrelated, but also feed one another, providing a more complete understanding of humans, their lives, and their societies. An overreliance on any one theory alone undoubtedly underestimates the complexities associated with day-to-day living in continents like Africa, known for its rich diversity.

Joni O Jones, University of Texas at Austin
Anthony Chukwu, Hamber College Toronto, Canada

Cornell Institute for African Development Series

The Institute for African Development, Cornell University, USA, is a major location of academic and policy discourse on Africa. IAD regularly and routinely brings academics and policy makers together in a wide ranging program of conferences, seminar series and workshops on Africa. These conferences, seminar series and workshops provide an abundance of pertinent, topical and high quality written materials on Africa. The IAD book series brings these materials within access of the wider community. The series has so far provided volumes on Africa’s information challenge, the hydropolitics o...

India Studies

The India Studies Series is a timely series that represents the most innovative and original work being done in the broad field defined as “India studies.” This book series will publish outstanding research on India (and its diaspora) across a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, economics, history, literature, politics, sociology and the fields of cultural studies and gender studies, which will contribute to contemporary debates about Indian history and society. It presents research monographs and high-quality edited volumes as well as textbook on topics concerning the Indian subco...

Dying and Death Studies

Death is an event, Dying is a process. Death is a universal event which always invites action, reflection and analysis par excellence, through the many mutations it produces at the personal and societal level. But, Death is also a particular subject, often wrongfully given a secondary place among the scientific research interests. In the last few years we have noticed an increasing interest in the academic and non-academic world on the subject of Death. This is a clear indication of what has been called “the revival of Death”. But Death as an event remains the same grim reality which has always placed humans ...

Visual Politics of War

This book series on Visual Politics of War focuses on assessing the coverage of war, so we are looking for contributors who investigate connections to the daily practice of journalism in text, images and videos. The book series considers the influence of the ‘visual turn’ in diverse academic literature on the media representation of conflict.

This book series offers a summation of some of the key approaches: their intersections, distinctions and usefulness; while suggesting trajectories for further critical research into media visualisation of conflict.

“Schwung”; Critical Curating and Aesthetic Management for Art, Business and Politics

Aesthetic Value, energetically generated out of the intensive pendulum Schwung playfully connecting the poles of form and matter, is the powerhouse of Kantian-Schillerian political economy. The dynamics of public movements as well as private enterprises can be traced back to aesthetic processes provoked by entrepreneurial artists and shared sensible artwork. In such traditions of European aesthetic philosophy, artist Joseph Beuys redefined art as "social sculpture", curator Nicolas Bourriaud minted the term "relational aesthetics" and philosopher Jacques Rancière understood social empowerment as...

World Craft Series: Travel, Tourism, Translation and Communication

The last decades of the twentieth century have seen the emergence of new disciplines, as research has been focusing on trans-disciplinarity and cross-cultural studies. In the interrelation between 'crafting worlds' and translational issues, however, there are interstices and 'contact zones' that are still unexplored and neglected. Such cases and episodes account for the dynamics of power and ideology in the way the world is crafted through words and in the way spaces are described, possessed, and eventually destroyed. The World Craft Series provides a niche series on travel, tourism, and tran...