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Picture of Cultural Memory Studies

Cultural Memory Studies

An Introduction

Author(s): Nicolas Pethes
Contributors: Nicolas Pethes;

Book Description

This volume provides an overview of theories of cultural memory that are intensively discussed in cultural studies and humanities disciplines such as history, sociology, literary studies, art history, and media studies. Cultural memory encompasses all rituals, institutions and practices through which communities establish their identity and common origin, which are challenged by the digital turn today. The book presents, on the one hand, basic arguments by the most important memory theorists of the 20th and 21st centuries and, on the other, exemplary descriptions of the most significant forms of cultural memory.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-3311-0
ISBN-10: 1-5275-3311-5
Date of Publication: 01/07/2019
Pages / Size: 134 / A5
Price: £58.99


Nicolas Pethes is Professor of German Literature at the University of Cologne, Germany. He wrote a doctoral thesis on Walter Benjamin’s theory of memory (1999) and co-edited the interdisciplinary lexicon Gedächtnis und Erinnerung (2001), which brought together all relevant disciplines from the natural sciences and the humanities. He has also published four monographs in German, including Zöglinge der Natur [Students of Nature. Human Experiments in Eighteenth Century Literature] (2007) and Literarische Fallgeschichten [Literary Case Histories: The Poetics of Epistemic Writing] (2016), as well as a number of edited volumes and articles on the relationship between literature and science, literature and media, popular culture, and literary theory.