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Computer Science

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Computer Science collection spans the entirety of contemporary research into computers and their everyday application. From graphics and AI to the design and development of software/hardware, the wide variety of titles in this collection will stimulate new research directions in the field of Computer Science while simultaneously serving as a touchstone for computer engineers.

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Telematics Solutions in Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport

This book contributes to the identification and systematisation of current telematics solutions applied in maritime and inland waterway transport. It represents the first time that most telematics systems currently applied in the modes of water transport have been described in detail. The volume details the massive scope of the app...

Big Data Analysis Using Machine Learning for Social Scientists and Criminologists

This book provides a detailed description of the entire study process concerning gathering and analysing big data and making observations to develop a crime-prediction model that utilizes its findings. It offers an in-depth discussion of several processes, including text mining, which extracts useful information from online documen...

The 'New' Documentary Nexus

In the last ten years, the field of documentary has been subject to substantial paradigm shifts due to the rise of digital media practices. This publication explores some central questions arising in this context: Who are the different interactors networking within the ‘new’ documentary nexus? How can we conceptualize interactive d...

E-commerce Data Security with Cloud Computing

This book is an essential resource for beginners, as well as experienced practitioners, who want to learn more about cloud computing implementation in e-commerce. It includes many real-time case studies with industry-based applications. Each chapter is relevant to the present technological parameters adopted by e-commerce with cont...

Recent Perspectives on Gesture and Multimodality

What is gesture and what does it do? What is the meaning of multimodality? What do these concepts signify within the different theoretical approaches to interaction and communication among human beings? Why do we study gesture and multimodality? The thirteen chapters that make up this volume provide answers to these questions. They...

Intelligent Systems in Buildings

Although many researchers believe that intelligent systems (IS) can improve building performance, the potential of such systems has not yet been fully recognized with regards to the traditional courtyard house (TCHT). Such research is important given the role of adding IS to TCHTs; due to the nature of intelligent systems and the p...

The Analysis of Selected Algorithms for the Stochastic Paradigm

This book analyses selected algorithms for random and stochastic phenomena in the areas of basic probability, random variables, mathematical expectation, special probability and statistical distributions, random processes, and Markov chains. It also presents a novel approach, titled the “Complex Probability Paradigm”, and applies i...

Computer-Mediated Communication for Business

This collection is a guide to greater communication efficiency in both clarity and time-management for any professional or aspiring professional. It guides the reader through the ways in which communicating through technology rather than face-to-face can alter their perceptions of others and the perceptions others make of them. Eac...

Linear and Integer Programming

This book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of statistics, mathematics, operations research, and engineering. It provides the basic concepts and methods of linear and integer linear programming. The text begins with an introduction containing the mathematical background to the subject matter, and goe...

Linguistic Perspectives on the Construction of Meaning and Knowledge

This book is an exploration of the dimensions of meaning in language from several important perspectives that are of major interest to scholars today, bringing together studies from the realms of linguistic pragmatics, semantics, ontological knowledge engineering, and computational linguistics. Situated within modern functional-cog...

Ensuring Network Security through the Use of the Honeypot Technique

In modern technology networks, security plays an important role in safeguarding data. Detecting the threats posed by hackers, and capturing the data about such attacks are known as the virtual honeypot. This book details the process, highlighting how to confuse the attackers and to direct them onto the wrong path....

Essays on Life Sciences, with Related Science Fiction Stories

This collection of essays highlights, in a new, critical fashion, some of the classic questions in life science. These include “what is life?”; “what is death?”; “what is consciousness?”; “why is life cellular?”; and “why are enzymes macromolecules?”. It also explores whether evolution is pre-determined, whether science and spiritu...
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