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The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.

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Fresche fontanis

Fresche fontanis contains twenty-five studies presenting major new research by leading scholars in Scottish culture of the late fourteenth and fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. The three-part collection includes essays on the prominent writers of the period: James I, Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, John Bellenden, D...

From One Shore to Another

The essays collected in this book—a selection of papers presented at the conference “The Sea, The Land, The Bridge: Histories of Communication” held at the University of Prince Edward Island (Canada) in August 2005––combine various approaches, covering literary, social, philosophical and anthropological fields, in exploring the the...

From Question to Quest

In facing up to life and its challenges, questions inevitably arise. Different situations provoke specific questions—mostly trivial but frequently fundamental—always seeking some kind of answer. While the transition from question to quest is a rather natural one for human beings and the need for answers is a serious human demand, t...
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Globalization and the Posthuman

Globalization and the Posthuman argues that by globalizing posthumanism through biotechnology, particularly through the invasive interface of humans and machines, we may well interfere with and even undermine the innate quality of human psycho-physiology and the experience of the internal observer, the non-socially constructed self...

Heimat Goes Mobile

Heimat has been a crucial concept for the construction of identity in the German-speaking world. Seemingly impossible to translate, Heimat has served to describe feelings of comfort and belonging that are traditionally tied to a specific location, be it one’s place of birth or childhood home. Yet, in a world characterized by ever i...

History and its Literary Genres

It was traditionally accepted (already in Poetics by Aristotle) that historiographic representations of historical events were more objective than literary ones that belonged to the realm of fiction. In the last 30 years with the breaking of the “Rankeian” faith in the attainable scientific objectivity of historiography it became c...

Humorous Structures of English Narratives, 1200-1600

We all have the ability to recognize and create humour. But how do we do it? Salvatore Attardo and Victor Raskin have attempted to explain the workings of humour with their General Theory of Verbal Humor. How well does their theory explain the way humour ‘works’ in a particular text, and can it provide us with interesting, novel in...

Imagining Spaces and Places

Imagining Spaces and Places seeks to produce an interdisciplinary dialogue between art history and literature studies and other fields of cultural analysis that work with the concepts of space, place and various “scapes”, such as cityscapes, bodyscapes, mindscapes and memoryscapes, as well as the more familiar landscapes. The volum...

Incorporeal Heroes

The author investigates the origins of the heroes of the Iliad, to establish if they were real historical figures or purely artistic creations. His conclusion is that neither of these ideas is correct: the prototypes of the heroes existed previously in Greek cults. They originated as local cult heroes, protectors of certain spheres...

Indian Metaphysics in Lawrence Durrell’s Novels

In this study of the influence of Indian metaphysics on Lawrence Durrell’s novels, Professor Nambiar offers a unique milestone in the history of Durrellian criticism. Embracing Durrell’s search for universal awareness through Western and Indian metaphysics, the book presents a new metaphysical reading of the writer’s prose that has...

Inhabited by Stories

Intertextuality has signaled change, appropriation, adaptation, and derivation. It has focused readers on irresolvable questions of influence and origination, progressive or regressive movement across continents, periods, and media. Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on Tales Retold takes a different approach. What would a model...

In Memoriam

References to the past play a significant role on many levels in both modern and ancient societies. What societies choose to remember and how they do it can be seen in relation to their social, religious, and moral world view. Ancient societies invested heavily in remembrance, and the memory of remarkable individuals and significan...
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