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The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.

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Using the Greek Goddesses to Create a Well-Lived Life for Women

This book brings to life the meaning of the stories of the seven goddesses of Greek mythology. Each goddess represents a “sacred calling,” a way of life whose goal is to live for the sake of something greater than oneself. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and justice; Artemis is the woods woman who protects the natural world; Demete...
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Thus Burst Hippocrene

Thus Burst Hippocrene: Studies in the Olympian Imagination is a collection of nine papers in comparative literature. Discussing the greatest Olympians in world literature, including Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, Li Bo, Du Fu, and the Bible authors, it is both daring in conception and wide-rangi...

The Weather in the Icelandic Sagas

The descriptions of the weather in medieval Icelandic sagas have long been considered unimportant, mere adjuncts to the action. This is not true: the way the weather is depicted can give us an insight into the minds of medieval Icelanders. The first part of this book illustrates how the Christian world-view of authors of the twelft...

William Orpen, an Outsider in France

William Orpen (1878-1931) was in 1917 appointed as an official war artist in France. He not only saw the Great War as a call to paint serious subject-matter—enabling him to break away from the constraints of society portraiture in London—but also as an opportunity to write. Orpen was commissioned, along with artists such as Paul Na...

History, Memory and Nostalgia in Literature and Culture

The advent of the new age has alerted us to the conflicted nature of historical memory which defined the 20th century while simultaneously assaulting us with new historical upheavals that demand responsibility and critical consideration. As the historical text bears traces of the writing subject, the element of deception is remarka...

Images in Words

This book of William Mallinson’s poetry and prose, and a small amount of writings by some family members, is a vehicle to demonstrate that only history—in its purest form, the past—exists. Bowing to Oscar Wilde’s dictum that most people are other people (even if they do not know it), its comments on each poem, article or story lead...
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Interconnecting Music and the Literary Word

Dealing with the interconnections between music and the written word, this volume brings into focus an updated range of analytical and interpretative approaches which transcend the domain of formalist paradigms and the purist assumption of music’s non-referentiality. Grouped into three thematic sections, these fifteen essays by Ita...

Texts and Territories

The writing of a literary text is as a retrospective explanation of what is happening in the present, including social, cultural, religious, and political events, and is a deliberate re-creation in actual practice. The impact of immediate contemporary concerns places a literary text at least partly outside the author’s control. The...

Isaeus’ On the Estate of Pyrrhus (Oration 3)

This book offers an edition of the third speech of the fourth-century BCE orator Isaeus. It contains a new Greek text, based on a full collation of the manuscript evidence, an English translation, an extensive introduction, and a detailed commentary on the textual, linguistic, legal, rhetorical, stylistic, and historical issues enc...

The Flaneur in Nineteenth-Century British Literary Culture

The flaneur is a cultural and literary phenomenon usually associated with nineteenth–century Paris, but the type also exists in the artistic and literary panorama of other major European capitals, such as London, Berlin, and Moscow. Despite massive recent interest in the figure of the flaneur in scholarly studies, analyses about th...

Toward a Linguistic and Literary Revision of Cultural Paradigms

This book draws an updated Euro-American conceptual map, starting from a limited number of strategic terms whose meanings today are judged univocal and permanent, while in fact daily use has turned them into “common sense”, depriving them of their ambiguity – an original feature of language, particularly relevant when it comes to l...

Approaches to Greek and Latin Language, Literature and History

This peer-reviewed collection of essays provides an account of several current foci of research in Classics. It gathers fifteen contributions covering subjects such as Greek and Latin papyrology and epigraphy. It also includes approaches to various key literary texts, from Homer to post-classical Humanists, in addition to chapters ...
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