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The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.

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Authority and Displacement in the English-Speaking World (Volume II

Whether one thinks of the modern world or of more remote times, both seem to have been affected – if not moulded – by the interaction between the concepts of authority and displacement. Indeed, political and social sources of authority have often been the causes of major geographical displacements, as can be illustrated by the nume...

Ekphrasis in American Poetry

Ekphrasis in American Poetry: The Colonial Period to the 21st Century provides a sample of the chronological range and stylistic variety of ekphrastic poetry, or poetry that engages in various ways with different types of visual art, including pictographs, paintings, moving panoramas, daguerreotypes, photographs, landscape, and mor...

Performative Plautus

This book provides a theoretical and philosophical framework for the analysis of Plautus within a performative and philosophical perspective on language and theatrical performance. The book offers an insightful understanding of Plautus’ texts as more than simple literary remains of “archaic” Latin literature, but as witnesses of a ...

Young Scholars' Developments in Linguistics

Young researchers, natural advocates of change, often delve freely into language processes, their causes, mechanisms and interrelations with social changes. However, any change is based on tradition and cannot exist without it, whether we speak of traditions in terminology, approach, data or method. This volume brings together youn...

Crossed Correspondences

While some writers adamantly refuse to allow anyone to read, let alone comment upon, their literary production until it is published, others are willing to submit their manuscripts and work in progress to their peers, in the hope of receiving critical judgment that might validate their choices, or prompt them to introduce changes. ...

The Feral Piers

What do we mean when we talk about the text of Piers Plowman? What is the concept of a literary text when that construct exists in so many variant and feral forms, as is the case for the multiple modern editorial reconstructions and the more than fifty surviving manuscripts and early print editions of Piers Plowman? How do the anon...

Roaming, Wandering, Deviation and Error

This book proposes a reading of John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost in relation to four novels by the contemporary novelist Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses, The Moor’s Last Sigh, Fury and The Ground Beneath Her Feet. In such a reading, terms such as influence and inheritance will, inevitably, come up. Rather than bypass them, the b...

Narratives Across Borders

This volume is centred around the idea that the aim of literature is to build bridges, to bring people together, and to highlight underlying similarities despite the apparent differences in world literatures. As such, the book focuses on the moral purpose of literature and its tendency to overcome divisive forces. It supports the i...

Representing and (De)Constructing Borderlands

This volume stems from the assumption that broadly-understood borderlands, as well as peripheries, provinces or uttermost ends of different kinds, are abodes of significant culture-generating forces. From the academic point of view, their undeniable appeal lies in the fact that they constitute spaces of mutual interactions and enab...

Greek Philosophy and Mystery Cults

The contributions to this book offer a broad vision of the relationships that were established between Greek Philosophy and the Mystery Cults. The authors centre their attention on such thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoic and the Neoplatonist philosophers, who used – and in some cases criticised – doctrinal elements from My...

Julian Among the Books

Julian among the Books: Julian of Norwich’s Theological Library brings together innovative research on aspects of the Showing of Love, especially the Pan-European background of its manuscripts, and their contexts, arguing for the concept of ‘Holy Conversations’ in a mise en abyme, where her readers, breaking the frame, participate ...

Words of Crisis, Crisis of Words

This volume offers a collection of papers dealing with how adversities have been tackled and expressed artistically from various perspectives in Ireland. Taken together, the many approaches to critical times provided here prove how, surrounded by outbursts of pessimism, financial hecatombs, and individual and collective discouragem...
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