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Picture of Citizenship in Transition

Citizenship in Transition

New Perspectives on Transnational Migration from the Middle East to Europe

Editor(s): Francis Owtram, Annemarie Profanter

Book Description

The revolutions and protests arising from the Arab Spring, combined with the establishment of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, challenged dominant ideas about what people in the Middle East expect from their governments. At the same time, a new wave of migration has been created, once again showing how the local, regional and global are connected in the identity of citizens and concepts of citizenship. This turmoil and its human cost —tragically captured in the image of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi—have called into question prevailing modes of thinking about the Middle East, as well as the policy of EU governments towards refugees and immigration. These seismic events have compounded underlying changes in the internal composition of contemporary liberal democracies, which, together with the challenges imposed by globalization on the state, are demanding a rethink of theories of citizenship, particularly in a transnational sense.

By bringing together new perspectives on these critical issues, this timely and thought-provoking book deconstructs the processes that are shaping and reshaping debates on migration and integration in Europe, and illuminates emerging patterns in key areas such as citizenship and cultural identity, education, and second generation networks.

Introduction: Celebrating Difference: In Search of Paradigms Addressing Barriers to
Transnational Migration — Annemarie Profanter and Francis Owtram
Chapter One: The Impact of the Arab Spring on Issues of MENA: Europe Migration in the Context of Globalization — Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Chapter Two: Modernity and Islamic Immigration: Examining the Historical Roots of Identity and Difference — Nigel M. Greaves
Chapter Three: The Burgeoning of Transnationalism: Narrowing the Transitional Gap from Emigrant to Citizen — Annemarie Profanter
Chapter Four: Citizenship and Education: Economic Competitiveness, Social Cohesion and Human Rights — Christine Difato
Chapter Five: Acquiring and Losing Turkish Citizenship under the New Turkish Citizenship Act — Necla Ozturk
Chapter Six: Xenophobia, Alienation, Heterotopias and Cultural Limits: Fictional Boundaries of the Athens Pakistani and Afghani Communities — Sotirios S. Livas
Chapter Seven: Arab Diasporas in the UK: Yemeni Citizenship still in Transition? — Khawlah Ahmed
Chapter Eight: Muslim Society Trondheim: The Dialectics of Islamic Doctrine, Integration Policy and Institutional Practices — Ulrika Mårtensson
Chapter Nine: Yalla, Lombards! Second Generations in Lombardy: Looking for a Model — Francesco Mazzucotelli


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-4986-9
ISBN-10: 1-4438-4986-3
Date of Publication: 01/10/2013
Pages / Size: 235 / A5
Price: £44.99


Annemarie Profanter is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. She has held visiting fellowships in Pakistan, Oman and Saudi Arabia, and her current research includes Islamic integration and migration issues in Europe.

Francis Owtram is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, and a Gulf History Specialist at the British Library. He has taught at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr, Iraq, and his research interests include the international relations of the Middle East.