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Picture of ChiMoKoJa - Histories of China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan

ChiMoKoJa - Histories of China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan

ISSN No: 2058-3117
Journal Editor(s):
Dr. Frank Jacob
Subject: History

Journal Description

ChiMoKoJa will work as a scientific forum for those who are doing research about the history of Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia. Due to its long history, this geographical sphere has seen several changes to its political, social, cultural, and economic setting. However, with regard to long history of Euro-centric perspectives, the East Asian region remained analyzed rather step-motherly and the interconnections of the states in the region itself lacked clear identification. Especially with regard to cultural transformations, migration movements, wartime histories and many more topics, there are still many questions left unanswered. Therefore, we encourage scholars to share their recent research about such historic questions, to provide a broader audience with an insight into the region’s complex history.

ChiMoKoJa therefore invites scholars who are conducting research on the history of one or more of the single countries of East Asia – no matter which time period – to send in articles of actual and original research on these regions. Especially welcome are papers that would deal with a comparative perspective of the region or the history of interrelated aspects.

The journal will be published bi-annually (June and December). In addition to established scholars, we also encourage young scholars to send in articles to be considered for publication. All papers will be blind-peer-reviewed before they are accepted. Reviews of recent books covering the history of East Asia in general or specific national aspects of the region are always welcome.

Editor(s) Biography

Dr. Frank Jacob is assistant professor of world history at the City University of New York (Queensborough Community College). He received his MA in Modern History and Japanese Studies from Würzburg University in 2010, and his PhD in Japanese Studies from Erlangen University in 2012. He worked as lecturer at several German universities as well as assistant professor of modern history at the University of Würzburg, before joining CUNY in 2014.
Next to several monopgraphs and edited books he is the editor of the series Comparative Studies from a Global Perspective and the journal Global Humanities. His main research interests are modern Japanese history, global and comparative history as well as cultural history.

Journal Titles


The initial volume of the new biannual and peer-reviewed journal ChiMoKoJa – Histories of China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan covers different aspects of East Asian history. The first chapter deals with the Russian East Asiatic Company in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-5. Yukimura Sakon shows how far the war had chan...