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Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

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Achieving Quality and Sustainability in the Czech Business Environment

This book represents a tool for comparative analysis and a source for case studies for researchers and academics dealing with the business environment. It offers insights into the Czech business environment in the case of starting business in this country or being a potential investor or customer. It explores various facets of the ...

Golda Meir's Foreign Decision-Making Process

This book focuses on the analysis of Golda Meir’s foreign decision making processes during her tenure as Prime Minister (1970-1973), offering three unique case studies. It exposes the political-diplomatic aspects of foreign policy, using interviews and analysis of hundreds of formerly secret documents from various national archives...

China and the United States

In recent decades, China has been increasingly seen as a land of seemingly limitless opportunity for transnational corporations and economic growth. In the early 1990s, China’s late leader, Deng Xiaoping, welcomed multinationals into many strategic industries. Since then, this country has grown to become the world’s second largest ...

Dao Entrepreneurship

This books presents an artistic and aesthetic perspective on auteur-driven entrepreneurial management that is overlooked in traditional organizational analysis. It suggests that the organization of creative development is less about organizing a course of events and more about giving form to acts that in themselves provide a course...

Diversity Management and Identity in Organisations

This book advances a conceptualisation of gender identity within Diversity Management in organisations that takes into account the linkages between individual and organisational identity, thus moving from liminality, where gender is considered merely as a binary and diversity as something to manage, to inclusion, where diversity me...

The Strategic Repositioning of Arts, Culture and Heritage in the 21st Century

The post-millennium world has been experiencing several recognisable historical milestones with regard to arts, culture and heritage. One of these has been the resuscitation and revival of creative elements of the arts, culture and heritage of previously marginalised or disadvantaged communities around the world. Until recently, th...

Chinese Wisdom and Modern Management

This book is a collection of ten articles investigating the relationship between Chinese wisdom and the practice of modern management. The prefatory article contributed by Master Xuecheng, the President of the Buddhist Association of China, presents the utilisation of Buddha’s wisdom in the management of the modern world and human ...

Caring and Power in Female Leadership

Can philosophical understandings of power and care illuminate roadblocks that disrupt the potential of women in leadership? This book examines leadership challenges by drawing upon debates that pulse through the history of philosophy and into present-day philosophical conversations and larger social concerns. Its in-depth engagemen...

Safe Computing for Emerging Economies

This book highlights the predicaments of the emerging economies of developing countries in the light of the digital divide between these countries and the more developed economies. Particularly, it underscores the dangers these economies face and how those assets may be secured or securely operated. The book delineates the present ...

Selected Studies on Rural Tourism and Development

Rural tourism is a form of tourism that is based on natural resources and requires intertwining with rural areas. It can be easily integrated with other types of tourism, and can be an effective global development strategy. Therefore, introducing rural tourism practices in various regions throughout the world allows further explora...

Aspects of Entrepreneurship

The pursuit of new endeavors unleashes a passion in the men and women that pursue them. This passion facilitates the practice of entrepreneurship by injecting the necessary energy and devotion to the recognition and exploitation of new initiatives. However, at times, practice clashes with that drive, so we are left to wonder how pa...

Communication and Work Systems

This book provides a practical definition and explanation of “communicative behavior” for use in understanding interaction in work settings. It clearly presents a model of the elements of a work system, and summarizes theories that explain how organizations function and how managers work within the work system. It also describes ho...
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