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Built Environment

Our titles on the Built Environment at Cambridge Scholars Publishing cover two complimentary areas of academic research; the design, history, and theory of architecture and architectural practice, and the methods and practicalities of building and construction work. The collection will therefore be of interest to students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences, as well as architectural and construction professionals in different areas.

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Is the Tehran Bazaar Dead? Foucault, Politics, and Architecture

To examine the political role of architecture, this book presents an original engagement with the largest center of attraction in Tehran, namely, its bazaar. Through a rigorous study, it goes beyond the conventional sociopolitical and architectural discourses of this marketplace by considering architecture as an event. This book of...

Recent Researches in Science and Landscape Management

This book’s 50 chapters explore the topics of landscape management and ecology. The main issues investigated here include urban park design, recreation areas, active green spaces, cultural landscape, green urbanism, protected areas, residential gardens, landscape ecology, bioclimatic comfort, ecovillages, and urban transformation, ...

A Visual Catalog of Spanish Frontier Missions, 16th to 19th Centuries

From the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries, the Spanish Crown sponsored missions staffed by members of different Catholic missionary orders to evangelize the indigenous populations, and engage in social engineering in line with royal policy. The missionaries directed the construction of building complexes that included ch...

Contemporary Issues in Housing Design

The word ‘house’ has evolved throughout the millennia and infused itself into many languages; however, the basic reference to covering and sheltering has always been preserved. Housing in the contemporary sense refers to a relatively complex structure comprising different shapes and sizes accommodating various functionalities, evol...

Keeping Up with Technologies to Create the Cognitive City

This volume represents a selection of papers presented at the Third International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies, held at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, Serbia in April 2016. The conference brought together researchers, PhD students and practitioners, in order to create a platform for sha...

Semiotics for Art History

Reading art from a semiotic perspective, this book offers a new interpretation of the development of Chinese landscape painting and outlines a new framework for contemporary semiotics and critical theory. It will appeal to those interested in visual art, Chinese studies, critical theory, semiotics, and other relevant fields, and wi...

Lithuanian Architecture and Urbanism

This volume brings together essays focused on Lithuania’s architectural and urban legacy, as well as recent developments since 1990, when the country said a firm farewell to the era of dependence and the Soviet communist regime. Nevertheless, as the book argues, the legacy of the past still dominates due to an uncritical adoption o...

The Poetics of the Homeric Citadel

The Poetics of the Homeric Citadel is an enquiry on the origins of the architectural forms as expressed in Mycenaean architecture. The Homeric Citadel is woven within concrete landscape formations and realizes the concept of the all-embracing space, which, in religious philosophy, represents God’s image in man. It is both a cosmogo...

Sound Worlds from the Body to the City

This volume reveals the extent to which aural perception influences our spatial awareness. Spanning various fields and practices, from psychology to geography, and from zoology to urban planning, it covers a range of environments in which sounds contribute to forming our sense of space and place. The contributions gathered here lea...

The Impact of Overbuilding on People and the Planet

This book challenges the status quo where profligate building and urban development is described as ‘green’ and ‘low carbon’, exposing a number of ‘elephants in the big green room’ that severely impact upon society and the environment. It questions the ethics, equity and sustainability of continued growth of the building stock in i...

Precedented Environmental Futures

This book addresses the built environment through the lens of environmental architecture, and in a holistic manner. It moves gradually from psychophysiology and thinking-doing-feeling modalities, through environmental criteria to environmental modulation, concluding with a debate around mitigation and adaptation.Much use is made of...

Art and Architecture of the Synagogue in Byzantine Palaestina

The Byzantine era was a time of the formation of the Abrahamic religions and a battleground for people’s hearts and minds. This book shows that, during the time of the Byzantine Empire, the synagogues in Palaestina developed a visual language adhering to traditional literary sources. Until now, scholars believed that Judaism was ob...
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