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Picture of Bringing Literature and Linguistics into EFL Classrooms

Bringing Literature and Linguistics into EFL Classrooms

Insights from Research and Classroom Practice

Editor(s): Nugrahenny T. Zacharias

Book Description

The articles presented in this book bring together educators’ work and experiences from around the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Australia) in the context of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). This publication, therefore, offers a richness and diversity of contexts and experiences to its readers. What sets this book apart is its balance between and explicit coverage of both research and the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching. This project has been prompted by the increasing split between the fields of linguistics, literatures and English language teaching, and will uniquely address this gap. Additionally, the volume gives practical applications on how to use theories of linguistics and literary texts in the classroom.

This book provides undergraduate and graduate students, teacher-learners, practicing teachers, and teacher educators some theoretical and contextual knowledge of English language teaching practices and settings. Articles in this book can be used as supplementary texts for courses in the areas of English Language Teaching, pre-service and in-service teacher education, applied linguistics, literature, and language and culture studies.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-3185-7
ISBN-10: 1-4438-3185-9
Date of Publication: 01/09/2011
Pages / Size: 195 / A5
Price: £34.99


Nugrahenny T. Zacharias is an English teacher at the Faculty of Language and Literature, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia. She has recently completed her PhD in Composition and TESOL from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her research interests include issues in teacher identities and World Englishes, and the use of World English literature in teaching English.

Christine Manara has been an English Language teacher for 10 years in Indonesia. She earned her MA degree in English Language Teaching from the IELE, Assumption University, Bangkok. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation on teacher education at Monash University, Australia. Her research interests include teaching methodology, teachers’ professional learning and identity, and the use of literature in English Language Teaching.