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Picture of Brechtian Theatre of Contradictions

Brechtian Theatre of Contradictions

Providing Moral Strength under Conditions of Dictatorship: A Festschrift for Heinz-Uwe Haus

Editor(s): Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe

Book Description

Heinz-Uwe Haus (b. 1942), trained in the former German Democratic Republic as an actor and theatre director, among others as master disciple with some of Brecht’s immediate students and collaborators. He directed at the Deutsches Theater Berlin and became the leader of the Academy founded in the GDR to train theatre directors. A passionate opponent of the totalitarian regime, he developed his theatre practice as an active device to provide moral strength, under conditions of dictatorship, for himself, those who worked with him, and those who saw his productions. He was involved politically in the movement that led to the collapse of the GDR.

Altogether, the material collected in this book, Haus’s own work, as well as commentaries by others from a range of perspectives, should serve not only as a documentation of the work of one major German theatre artist: it should support efforts to alert the present about aspects of the past that are all too easily and conveniently (both for all the wrong reasons), misrepresented, covered or hushed up, brushed aside and in due course forgotten. Theatre for Haus, during GDR times, was a means to survive, not only metaphorically. After liberation, post 1989, post GDR, theatre has lost nothing of its importance, quite the contrary. The book hopes to help understand both.


ISBN-13: 978-1-8471-8425-2
ISBN-10: 1-84718-425-1
Date of Publication: 01/01/2008
Pages / Size: 330 / A5
Price: £39.99


Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe is Professor of Drama at the Lincoln School of Performing Arts, University of Lincoln. He has numerous publications on the topic of Theatre and Consciousness to his credit, including Theatre and Consciousness: Explanatory Scope and Future Potential (Intellect, 2005). In addition he has written about German theatre, including Boulevard Comedy Theatre in Germany (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2005).