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Editorial Advisory Board’s ‘Recommended Read’ - June 2015 29 May 2015

This June, our Editorial Advisory Board member Professor Victor Merriman has chosen his ‘Recommended Read’: one of our best-selling titles, noteworthy for the contribution it makes to its field. Victor is currently Professor of Performing Arts at Edge Hill University, and has a particular interest in Irish theatre, postcolonial critique, and radical performance practices.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is offering all of our readers a 50% discount on Victor’s pick. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code EABJUN15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 30th June 2015.

Professor Victor Merriman’s ‘Recommended Read’:

Applied Drama/Theatre as Social Intervention in Conflict and Post-Conflict Contexts

Editors: Hazel Barnes and Marié-Heleen Coetzee.

“This stimulating essay collection is both a snapshot of particular concerns, practices and values, and a resource for critical practitioners of applied theatre. It documents interventions across a range of applied theatre and drama, from building-based theatre to therapeutic projects. Well-chosen illustrations take readers into spaces of creation and performance, in which struggles with complex contemporary problems and debates are vividly captured. A common concern for an ethics for today and tomorrow is captured by Coetzee et al., ‘It is easy to hold a gun, but it is far harder to hold a hand, especially that of an enemy’.” 

For further information on Professor Merriman, please click here.

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800th Anniversary of Magna Carta - Cambridge Scholars Publishing 29 May 2015

This June, join Cambridge Scholars and people across the world in commemorating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, agreed by King John on 15th June 1215. Magna Carta has affected constitutional thought throughout history, influencing the nascent United States of America in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, and was even referenced at the submission of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

The 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta will be a commemoration of national and international significance. Due to its central place in English history and its impact across the world, a wide range of events and activities are being planned.

Hundreds of exciting events will be taking place not only in June but throughout 2015, from specially commissioned BBC documentaries and books, to academic conferences, public exhibitions, local community events and a Magna Carta tourism trail. To find out more about Magna Carta and the associated events taking place, click here.

To mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and how constitutions have changed and developed since it was first signed, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on 3 of our best-selling titles on the evolution of rulership and constitutional law across the globe throughout history. To find out more about each title, click on the image.

Monarchy has always been preoccupied with image and perception, never more so than in the medieval and early modern periods. This volume demonstrates that monarchical image and perception went far beyond cultural, symbolic and courtly display and were, in fact, always deeply concerned with the practical expression of authority, politics and power. This collection's unique and innovative approach reveals that continuity was arguably more important than change as it considers male and female royal rulers across Europe from the early-thirteenth to the late-seventeenth centuries. Collectively this volume will be of interest to all those studying medieval and early modern monarchy and for those wishing to learn about the connections and differences between the two.

This book commemorates the bicentenary of the landmark Spanish Constitution of 1812. Drafted by Spanish and colonial Spanish American liberals (and non-liberals), this war-time Constitution set out to radically redefine ‘the Spanish nation’ for a new age. As such, it divided Spaniards and threw into sharp relief the question of Spain’s legitimacy in her American colonies. Bringing together specialists in the history, politics and culture of Spain and Latin America, this volume represents the only large-scale commemoration in the UK of one of the world’s first liberal constitutional tracts. The book also examines other constitutions in the Spanish-speaking world beyond 1812, and includes a specially-conducted interview with Spanish politician Alfonso Guerra, one of the figures behind the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

This volume looks into the concept of constitutions, the fundamental values conveyed by constitutional texts, the building and functioning of new constitutional bodies, and their symbolic representation. In addition to the constitutional order and its history, cultural aspects of the implementation and legitimisation of the legal text are also studied. The volume includes case studies on the colonial European powers, as well as their colonies or ex-colonies in the Americas. A special aim of the text is to show the connectedness of the constitutional processes that took place in these regions during the late 18th and the 19th centuries. The book will appeal to a broad academic readership, especially in the fields of cultural studies, history, and political science.

To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MAGNA15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 30th June 2015.

To find out more about the events celebrating Magna Carta throughout the year, please click here.

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Cambridge Scholars Titles Now Available On Google Play 29 May 2015

Cambridge Scholars are working with Google to bring our titles to an even wider audience by including them on Google Play. Historically, our titles have primarily been fed into academic aggregators, including EBL, EBSCO and Gardners, and, as a result, our books have had little presence in the retail market. Thanks to our partnership with Google Play, our catalogue will now be opened up not only to a wider academic audience, but also to the casual reader.

With the ever-increasing global demand for information to be available at the touch of a button, the digitisation of our continually expanding list of titles on Google Play will enable our worldwide readership to purchase and read books from our catalogue with just a few clicks. At Cambridge Scholars, we also strive to ensure that our titles are made available as soon as possible, and so all of our eBooks are released to Google Play on the date of publication.

You can use your computer or mobile device to read books you have purchased on Google Play and use features like bookmarks, notes, and word definitions to enhance your reading experience. Simply read the book through your computer’s browser or download the Google Play Books app for Android or iOS devices to read books on your mobile device.

Our partnership with Google Play is the latest development as we look to increase our distribution network; although our books are already marketed globally, we are continually looking to bring our titles to the widest possible audience. Over recent months, we have entered into partnership agreements with distributors including Sara Books, Marek Lewinson and Avicenna, opening up more avenues in the Indian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets.

This is an ongoing and continually evolving process, and we are currently investigating further opportunities to develop new and exciting channels as the Cambridge Scholars network widens even further. Watch this space for more details!

To access the Google Play store, click here.

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Book of the Month - June 2015 29 May 2015

Our June Book of the Month is A Clinical Guide to Organisational Health: Diagnosing and Managing the Condition of an Enterprise by C.M. Dean.

In the current economic climate, a volume that investigates what organisations can do in order to survive is always timely. Dr Dean’s original and insightful approach to organisational health has been widely praised by representatives of both the academic and the business communities, and will be of interest to scholars and entrepreneurs alike.

Is your organisation healthy enough to survive and operate effectively? Popular organisational health checks generally focus on a company’s financial status and its ability to compete in the market. In the human body, the healthy functioning of all the organs comes before addressing competitive fitness, and this should also be the case with organisations.

This book accepts the similarity between the functioning of living organisms and organisations as proposed by functionalists. This allows the adoption of a holistic diagnostic model, as used by medical practitioners, in order to determine an overall perspective of the state of health of an organisation. The model explores and diagnoses the functional categories of Survival, Protection, Operations, Information, Language and Strategy, before combining the health prognosis with fitness programmes. A single case study, based on an actual business, demonstrates the usage of the diagnostic model throughout the book and forms a link bringing the functions together.

To find out more, please click here to read a sample extract and contents page.

We are offering all of our readers a generous 60% discount on this best-selling title. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code BOMJUN15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 30th June 2015.

Please see below for highlights of the praise this book has been receiving:

“The idea of a science of organisation is not a new one, but there are very few examples of it being taken very seriously.  In this very interesting book, Cecilia Dean shows us how it might be possible by applying ideas from physiology to the problems faced by management. Treating organisations as if they were biological systems provides some very real and important insights. This is a book to be recommended to anyone who wants to understand how organisations fail, and how they might work better.”

—Professor Martin Parker, University of Leicester

“The use of the physiology of the human body, as a complex system of functions, in a real-time, complex environment, provides a means to contextualise the abstractedness of the complex business domain within the familiarity of well-known, even intuitive, features and experiences. In this way, I have enjoyed the physiological approach, and the attendant thinking framework that has been amply supported by realistic case studies, as a real contribution to the analysis and visualisation of this complex domain.”

—Adriaan Vorster, Management Consultant

“The book offers a very original perspective, using the medical practitioner’s diagnostic model to determine the status of health of an organisation. It could potentially attract a broad audience of readers: entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, students and academics from a large spectrum of industry backgrounds. The SPOILS model is a great concept, very memorable and the demonstration flow is clear. The conclusion that it is essential for organisations to undertake regular complete health checks before committing to over-ambitious competitive goals and strategies is a key point, as can be illustrated by a few companies who failed because they have forgotten this principle.”

—Emmanuel Carraud, Entrepreneur and CEO

“I like the linkage to the functions of the human body. It certainly makes me consider my three teams in a different way and how it’s not necessarily the type/amount of work [that is important], but the personal qualities and suitability of each individual to perform specific roles and their understanding of how every aspect of an organisation fits together and is pivotal to healthy working practices. I thought the inserts were very good and I found these a useful aide memoire.”

—Helen Gilroy, Healthcare Manager

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Meet our Authors: Jaroslav Spirk - May 2015 13 May 2015

Jaroslav Spirk studied Translation and Conference Interpreting at Charles University, Prague. His PhD thesis focused on the reception of Czech literature in 20th-century Portugal via translation, investigating concepts such as ideology, censorship, non-translation, indirect translation, paratexts, and cultural relations between two medium-sized lingua- and socio-cultures in general.

Since October 2011, Jaroslav has been teaching Translation and Interpreting at the Institute of Translation Studies at Charles University. His current research interests focus on inter-semiotic translation.

Jaroslav is the author of Censorship, Indirect Translations and Non-translation: The (Fateful) Adventures of Czech Literature in 20th-century PortugalThis is his first book, and he explains why he chose to publish it with Cambridge Scholars Publishing:

Publishing with Cambridge Scholars has been a dream come true. Ever since I published a paper with them in a collective volume in 2008 on translation and censorship which received widespread acclaim, I wanted to publish a book with them. Having received my manuscript, Cambridge Scholars reacted speedily, they expressed enthusiasm about the result of my five-year research, and the contractual conditions were fair and square. It was an open-and-shut case. The publication of my book at Cambridge Scholars promoted my research beyond my wildest expectations. Not only am I now quoted by prominent figures in my field, I even receive invitations to deliver plenary speeches as a keynote speaker at international conferences. In short, Cambridge Scholars Publishing thrust my research into the academic limelight. What else can one hope for in a publishing house?

As part of the Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Censorship, Indirect Translations and Non-translation: The (Fateful) Adventures of Czech Literature in 20th-century Portugal. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOAMAY15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 14th June 2015.

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Meet our Authors: Bianca Maria Pirani - May 2015 13 May 2015

Bianca Maria Pirani is Professor of Sociology of Cultural Networks at the Department of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Political Sciences, Communication, and Sociology at “Sapienza” University of Rome, and is President and Program Coordinator of Research Committee 54, “The Body in the Social Sciences”, of the International Sociological Association.

She has published widely on the ever-increasing insights into the relationship between human bodies and social knowledge as the editor and author of a number of books and articles.

Bianca Maria is the author of Beyond the Skin: The Boundaries between Bodies and Technologies in an Unequal World, which has been endorsed as “a tour de force” and as making “a major contribution to the scholarship on activated embodiment”. She has also edited The New Boundaries between Bodies and Technologies, Learning from Memory Body, Memory and Technology in a Globalizing World and Body and Time Bodily Rhythms and Social Synchronism in the Digital Media Society with Cambridge Scholars.

Bianca Maria describes the experience of publishing with Cambridge Scholars Publishing:

Cambridge Scholars is the New Time of academic publishing, because they focus on the differences between the centre and the peripheries of knowledge production. They explore not only how knowledge is appropriated in peripheral fields, but also how foreign ideas shape these fields and the trajectories of scholars.

"I have got complete flexibility with Cambridge Scholars – I have never been rushed before I was ready, nor have I been held back by the way I work. There is a continual balance between their editorial guidance and the level of control I have retained. This has given me the opportunity to publish my work and present my arguments as they were originally intended to be. It is worth underlining the advantages of this approach, because often the work is of such a specialised nature that I, as author, am the leading expert in my subject.

"I have published several books within three months of a proposal submission being accepted; it has therefore been possible for me to publish my work within a relatively short space of time. In short, elegance, scientific rigour and attention to detail are the keywords that synthesise the exceptional professionalism of Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

As part of the Meet our Authors campaign, we are offering our readers a 50% discount on Beyond the Skin: The Boundaries between Bodies and Technologies in an Unequal World. To redeem your discount, please enter the promotional code MOAMAY15 during checkout. Please note that this is a time-limited offer that will expire on 14th June 2015.

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