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Becoming an Anthropologist

Mars’ graphic and often vivid narrative can be read simply as the anecdotal memoirs of an anthropologist. The experiences he recounts are sometimes hilarious, touch occasionally on the dangerous, and are always sensitively and expertly explored. But for those who want to know more, the book’s expansive footnotes and references to k...

Children in South African Families

This book presents a comprehensive overview of African children’s lives in times of transition, transformation, and change some twenty-two years after political emancipation in South Africa. With diverse family formations, non-marital childbearing, and diverse parenting situations prevalent in South Africa, the book covers both the...

Mr Justice McCardie (1869-1933)

According to the Law Journal in 1932, ‘No present-day figure on the Bench is of greater interest than Mr Justice McCardie’. A High Court Judge from 1916 to 1933, no twentieth-century judge was more conspicuous or controversial. To his critics, he was a ‘rogue judge’ whose headline-hitting pronouncements often angered his fellow jud...