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Picture of Audiovisual Posthumanism

Audiovisual Posthumanism

Editor(s): Evi D. Sampanikou
Contributors: Karen Gloy, Yiannis Kourtzellis, Panayiota Georgopoulou, Sofia Mytilinaiou, George Voreas Melas, Bridget Crone,

Book Description

This volume deals with the challenges posthumanism meets as a successor to postmodernism in the field of artistic, literary and aesthetic expression. It also explores the ways social sciences and humanities are affected by posthumanism, and it asks how posthumanism can be an expansion of humanism in the contemporary world, rather than a transcendence of humanism. The chapters’ authors come from different countries, cultural backgrounds and study areas to present a varied perspective on posthumanism.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-8177-7
ISBN-10: 1-4438-8177-5
Date of Publication: 01/06/2017
Pages / Size: 360 / A5
Price: £64.99


Evi D. Sampanikou is Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication at the University of the Aegean, Greece. She is also a Tutor-Counselor at the Hellenic Open University. Her research interests include art history and theory, history of photography, comics studies, pop culture, postmodernism, and posthumanism, as well as new media art. Her earlier studies also include archaeology, English literature and Renaissance influences on 16th and 17th century post-Byzantine art. She has published several books and articles on the topics of art history, photography and visual culture.