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Arts and Humanities

Encompassing an extensive range of disciplines across archaeology, classics, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and several others, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Arts and Humanities books are critically acclaimed in leading high-impact journals and widely read and cited in academia and beyond. In addition to this, a number of these titles cut across disciplinary boundaries, reflecting our commitment to publishing a diverse array of creative and interdisciplinary scholarship from around the world.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed an extensive list of titles in the broad and vibrant field of Anthropology. Titles within this broad portfolio encompass lecture series, edited collections bringing together leading thinkers in the field, and focused monographs presenting unique insights into often under-represented regions and cultures. This collection provides thought-provoking content for both specialist researchers and the general reader.


Featuring books on ancient, pre-modern, and modern archaeology, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Archaeology collection is an increasingly prominent body of scholarship on latest archaeological discoveries and methods. We also published the acclaimed The Archaeology of Anatolia series, which is almost solely responsible for collating and presenting cutting edge archaeological work on Turkey and the surrounding region to the world.


The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.


Linked closely to our books in the Environmental Sciences, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Conservation collection emphasises the social importance of environmental, ecological, and global issues. These titles focus on the efficient use and equitable distribution of natural resources, and the conservation and management of cultural heritage.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s History books present leading edge research for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. We publish fresh insights across a wide range of historical periods and themes, from ancient history to the modern age, and explorations of social and gender history. An essential resource for individuals who are studying history, we are also proud to publish a number of innovative Series titles in History and Classical Studies.

History and Philosophy of Science

An innovative subset of our History and Philosophy books, Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed a specialism in titles focusing on the History and Philosophy of Science. Recent and forthcoming work in this area looks the study of the development of global scientific institutions and societies, and the analysis of historical scientific approaches to social problems like disease and gender. As a whole, the collection is essential reading for historians, philosophers, and scientists alike, and to anyone eager to learn about the history and philosophy of our relationship to science.


From collected essays on leading literary figures to innovative insights into world literature, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Literature collection covers a wide spectrum, from Medieval literature, to Twentieth Century classics, and beyond. It includes award-winning titles of interest to scholars and the general reader. Covering cultural and theoretical approaches, our studies in this collection include leading edge research with a significant interdisciplinary reach.


Focusing on the development, history, and politics of museums and heritage sites, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Museology collection features a range of books authored by leading academics, curators, and professionals. In particular, titles in this collection focus on practices of collection and exhibition in the museum sector, methods of audience and public engagement, and the preservation and management of ruins and other artefacts.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a particularly strong and diverse collection of music books, ranging from interdisciplinary music studies in rapidly emerging fields such as ethnomusicology and music technologies to detailed studies and analyses of some of the world's greatest composers. Together, this collection forms a broad and thought-provoking music library which will be of interest to music scholars, educators and students alongside historians and the interested general reader.


The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy collection provides authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books covers the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

Religious Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Religious Studies books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including religion and ethics, morality and spirituality.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of religious thinkers and writings to form an essential collection of books on religion.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these religious studies resources will provide valuable insights for theologists and historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by relig...

Visual Arts

Spanning work on photography, art, and the intersecting worlds of film, cinema, and theatre, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s selection of books on the Visual Arts analyse numerous aspects of the relationship between visuality and aesthetics. Many of these books utilise innovate and interdisciplinary methodologies and draw their approaches from across the social sciences and beyond. Together, the collection will be of interest to academics as well as artists, filmmakers, and the curious art lover.
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Rethinking J.S. Bach’s Musical Offering

J.S. Bach’s Musical Offering is a broadly known and extensively studied collection of musical pieces, written in 1747 shortly after his visit to the Potsdam court of Frederick the Great. The composition, however, survived in separated sheets of different formats, and finding the logic of its organization into a cycle became a great...

Rethinking Language and Literature in a Changing World

This volume is a blend of language and literature papers highlighting linguistic functionality and topicality in poetry, novels, translation and education. It sheds light on the fictionalised reality of a strained official linguistic cohabitation in Cameroon as instantiated in present-day colonial legacy claims. It deals with issue...

Shell Shock Doctors

Shell shock was the signature injury of the First World War. Military doctors during the conflict on the Western Front observed and personally experienced psychiatric states they had never witnessed before. This text reviews the published medical literature of that era which graphically detailed the clinical states of hysteria (con...

Tale, Performance, and Culture in EFL Storytelling with Young Learners

This book analyses the interplay between storytelling (with specific reference to oral retellings of authentic picture books), language learning, culture and emotions in the EFL pre-school and primary classroom. Using a multidisciplinary approach, it applies oral narrative studies, as well as research on shared reading with childre...

The Age of Emperor Akihito

This book scrutinizes historical controversies regarding the past and the future of Japan in the age of Emperor Akihito. In Section I, each chapter discusses a different aspect of the historical controversy. The text then moves on to present a collection of the public discourse of Emperor Akihito, which offers a valuable source for...

The Analysis of Practices

We can think of our lives as an interlinked mosaic of practices. A practice is an activity by which a practical task is accomplished according to shared standards of adequacy. Many, if not most such tasks, become routine. They are accomplished smoothly, or even inattentively: unlocking the front door, playing tennis, successfully c...

The City and the Process of Transition from Early Modern Times to the Present

In 2017, during a conference held at the Historical Institute of the University of Wrocław, Poland, an international group of early career researchers and PhD students had the opportunity to discuss the process of transition in cities from early modern times to the present day. This book, arising from the discussions of that meetin...

The Evolution of Opera Theatre in the Middle East and North Africa

This book is the first structured and complete research work undertaken on opera theatres across the entire Middle East and North Africa. Until now, no single study has looked at every theatrical and musical institute in these countries. Many of the opera theatres that are examined here have had very little written about them at al...

The Interconnections between Victorian Writers, Artists and Places

This volume deals with the various (direct and indirect) connections between literary figures, artists and locations during the Victorian era. It also addresses influential figures from before and after this period, such as William Blake, Sir Joshua Reynolds and Mother Teresa, as well as the connection between Britain and America i...

The Spaces That Never Were in Early Modern Art

Throughout history, the research of space has always been an issue of great interest. Since classical Antiquity, the physical space itself and its imperfect double, the illusionary space used in the visual arts, have been one of the perpetual obsessions of man. However, there are very few studies that question the reality of repres...

The Story of Econophysics

This book will appeal to the lay-reader with an interest in the history of what is today termed ‘Econophysics’, looking at various works throughout the ages that have led to the emergence of this field. It begins with a discussion of the philosophers and scientists who have contributed to this discipline, before moving on to consid...

The Unknowable in Literature and Material Culture

Literature strives to interpret and explain the unknown, and to propose ways in which to engage with it—even if, at least initially, these keys exist only in the realm of the imagination. This is one of the many important qualities that draw us to study literature, and to marvel at the creative understandings that it offers. Howeve...
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