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Picture of An Early Hautboy Solo Matrix

An Early Hautboy Solo Matrix

Solos for the Hautboy before 1710 based on a Symphonia/Sonata by Johann Christoph Pez that Demonstrates a Performance Practice of Adaptation

Editor(s): Peter Hedrick
Subject: Music

Book Description

The earliest surviving hautboy solo is a Symphonia by Johann Christoph Pez from the 1690s or early 1700s. This piece survives in two versions, as a Sonata for violin and a Symphonia for hautboy, and the differences between the two enable a comparison of how Pez viewed the character and technical capabilities of each instrument. The purpose of this edition is to show how Pez’s Symphonia can be used as a template to find other works that might become hautboy solos (treble/bass) from the last third or so of the seventeenth century when the instrument came into use. Thus Pez points the way to a seventeenth-century practice that the author demonstrates in four contemporary pieces by writing out examples of what would have been performed at sight or from memory. Adaptations like this of J. S. Bach’s keyboard works are being performed by some of today’s leading lutenists.

This book will make a significant addition to academic libraries and will be of interest to scholars of historical performance practice and to performers of the (baroque) hautboy, the oboe and other wind instruments. It breaks new ground in the same spirit as studies that have offered reconstructions of works with lacunae in scoring or with damaged pages.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-5828-1
ISBN-10: 1-4438-5828-5
Date of Publication: 01/02/2015
Pages / Size: 100 / A4 portrait
Price: £39.99


Peter Hedrick was Professor of Music at Ithaca College for 27 years, where he taught oboe and theory and directed the early music ensemble. He also taught at Michigan State University and performed on the hautboy with NYS Baroque, New York State’s Period Instrument Orchestra. For 20 years, he was president of the organization that supported NYS Baroque. He has published many articles, edited several facsimiles of hautboy treatises, and, with wife Elizabeth, published a well-known manual on oboe reed making.