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Picture of World Without Anger: A Cross-cultural Series on Emotional Intelligence

World Without Anger: A Cross-cultural Series on Emotional Intelligence

ISSN No: 2091-0398
Series Editor(s):
Dess Mardan Basnet

Series Description

The WWA series is the benchmark of Emotional Intelligence researches in the orient. World Without Anger (WWA) was originated in 2007 A.D. from the collaborative holy efforts of some scholars, researchers, authors and a galaxy of university professors such as Dr. Dean Van Leuven, University of Oregon, USA. Initially, he coined Life Without Anger (LWA) term as symbol of calm and tranquility. Its scope in global society was highly emphasized and propagated to enlighten schools, campuses, and universities students to achieve universal peace and harmony. It was first published in 2009. after Prof. M.P. Regmi (Former Head of Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal) and Management expert Mr. D.M. Basnet conducted some researches on emotional literacy and intelligence. With the same spirit historian Prof. T.R. Vaidya, first Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Bouddha University (LBU), Nepal played the role of catalyzer, Dr. Laxman Shakya, Program Director played the leading role in fear and anger reduction trainings. In this mission, Mr. Bharat Giri, Computer Expert and Mr. Mukunda Khanal, Educator assisted in several programs and activities till date.

Editor(s) Biography

Professor Regmi was born in October 16, 1941 in Amawa, Rupandehi District of Nepal, GPO Box 3115, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone No. 9771-4331256, Mobile No. 9860012422. Professor Regmi is a former member of International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), USA. He had received post doctoral Advance Research Training from Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany in 1992. He has been teaching Psychology in Tribhuvan University since Forty Three years. He is a co-author of International Encyclopedia of Adolescence, Vol. 2, edited by Arnett.J.J. New York and London, Routledge, 2007. He is visiting Professor of Psychology at Auburn University, Alabama, USA. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame Man of the Year in 2005 from American Biographical Institute (ABI), North Carolina, USA on July 31, 2011. : Chief Advisor and Chief Editor, Research Division, WWA. He is currently visiting Professor of Psychology, Institute of Medicine Tribhuvan University , Nepal.
He is a Doctoral Thesis Examiner in Utrecht University, Belgium, The Netherlands (November 9, 2000), Karnatak University, India (October 6, 2000), and Magadh University, Boudh Gaya, India (1985). His lifetime contribution to Social Psychology has been marked by outstanding contributions in elegant imperial researches, in approaches to learning, cross -cultural self-concept, self-esteem and forgiveness with Prof. David Watkins of Hong Kong University, and Bo Dahlin, DSc., of Karlstad University, Sweden on several research projects and journal articles in 2000. He is the author of 20 books, and 15 International journals.
Michael Waldo was born in San Mateo, California, USA. He earned degrees at the College of San Mateo, the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Utah, and completed an internship at the VA Medical Center in New Orleans. He has served as of faculty member at the University of Maryland and Montana State University, and is currently a professor at New Mexico State University. He is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association. His research interests include design and evaluation of preventive interventions focused on improving emotional and interpersonal competence.
Professor Bijaya Prakash Shrestha was born in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. He earned mastered degree at Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. Has has been teaching about 34 years at Saraswoti Multipal Campus, Thamel, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has published Five Books and Five Research Articles. He has visited USA, Japan, India, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, and West Germany.
Aradhana Shukla is Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Kumaun University Campus, Almora Uttrakhand, India. She has been teaching Twenty Seven Years. She has Hundred Research Papers published in International Journals. Similarly, she has published Nine national and One International Books. She has completed Four projects. She developed 26 tests in Psychology. She supervised Forty Five Doctoral Theses. She has attended Forty seminars and also organized Four Seminars.
Mr. Dess Mardan Basnet was born in 1975 in Dharmasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal . He received Master of Business Studies (MBS), Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University . He has specialized in International Marketing and Marketing Research in Master Degree from Shankar Dev Campus, Tribhuvan University in 2007. He has Academic Administrative work in People's Campus, MBS Program, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University from 2005 - till date. He has served as an Administrative Officer for another 5 years at Junior Achievement (JA) Nepal as an INGOs, A member of JA Worldwide, USA. He has been serving in Bachan Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited working as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2008 - till date. He has philanthropic works in World Without Anger (WWA) for Seven years. All these services cumulatively indicated about Fifteen years of his untiring work efficiency.
He has been busy in couple of Anger researches and has contributed two researches in emotional intelligence in International Journal. His next aim is to join Doctoral Research in the later part of this year (2014)
He earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law at the University of Oregon He served as a United States Air Force Aircraft Commander and a Flight Instructor.
He has practiced International Business Law in Europe, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia where he specialized in Corporate and Tax Law. While in private practice in Oregon, and as a City Judge he developed a keen interest in anger issues because of his frequent encounter with anger related problems.
He conducts training programs and is the author of many books dealing with emotional issues in society and in the family. They include: Life Without Anger, Emotional intelligence - Taking Control of Your Life, My Checklist for Life, Workplace Without Anger, Parenting Without Anger, Partnering Without Anger, and A Peaceful New World. (
His books evolved from his work teaching classes and conducting research on the subject of anger. His classes included mental health patients, high school students, businesses, parenting and relationship classes; as well as anger prevention classes for the general public. His most recent book is “Emotional Intelligence – Taking Control of Your Life,” which is used as a textbook for emotional skills training. His book Life Without Anger received the prestigious Coalition of Visionary Resources 2004 Visionary Writing Award.
Dean is the founder of World Emotional Literacy League ( which was created to teach the principles of emotional intelligence though the educational system worldwide.
Dean is the founding patron of World Without Anger ( in Nepal. This organization was created to bring emotional literacy to the people of Nepal, primarily through the educational system.
Dean Van Leuven, Ph.D.
Dess Mardan Basnet
Prof. Michael Waldo, Ph.D.
Prof. Bijaya Prakash Shrestha
Prof. Aradhana Shukla, Ph.D.
Prof. Murari Prasad Regmi, Ph.D.
Subhash Chandra, Ph.D.
Prof. Subhash Chandra was born in Punjab, India on 15th Sept. 1944. He had received Doctorate of Philosophy in Peace Education & Human Development Management' from Inter-cultural Open University (IOU), Netherlands. Professor Chandra is a former Registrar & Prof. Human Resource Development at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. Currently visiting professor at Central Institute of Business Management (CIBM-RD), Nagpur & Chief Advisor- International Centre ofSpirituality & Leadership (ICSL) Nagpur His research interests include in Emotional Intelligence, Peace Education, Conflict transformation & Transformational Leadership. Prof. Chandra has served more than 24 Years of teaching & training experience in Environmental Education & Management at Royal Bhutan Polytechnic(UNDP ILO Project) & International Training Projects in Sri Lanka & Yemen Arab Republic. Prof., Chandra was awarded 'Life Time Achievement Award ' for his contribution in Environment & Management Education and social fields on the auspicious occasion of the '2004 Tertiary Education & Knowledge Summit & '13th World Environment Congress' in 2004, He is the author of article on Self Leadership-Managing Change through Self-Management" in the book Vedic Foundation of Indian Management & articles in International journal "Non-violent Change Journal"
Associate Prof. Kishwor Rajbhandari,Ph.D.
Mr. Kishor Rajbhandari was born in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1956. He received his master degree in Zoology (Ecology) in 1982 from Tribhuvan University. After several years of work experiences in teaching and research, he went to West Germany under DAAD scholarship in 1987 and completed his Ph.D. in Microbiology in 1994. After his return, he has simultaneously worked both in academic as well as in social sectors. He is now associate professor of Tribhuvan University and is teaching Zoology, Microbiology and Environmental Management in various colleges. At the same time, he is active in social organizations dedicated for peace and development through cultural transformation. He was president of Global Peace Association (GPA) for several years. Now he is active in youth empowerment through character, creativity and entrepreneurship and developing moral and innovative leadership.
Prof. Tulashi Ram Vaidya,Ph.D.
Prof. Tulashi Ram Vaidya was born in Feb. 29, 1940, Kathmandu, Nepal. He hold M.A. and D.Phil, Allahabad, India. He was the First Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Bouddha University(LBU), Lumbini. He was Professor and Head of Department of History, Tribhuvan University. He has contributed Nine Books to his credit, among them most popular book is Advance History of Nepal (1743 - 1839 A.D.). He has participated in various seminars and conferences in Australia, India, Bangladesh, France, Indonesia, UNESCO Hong Kong and Malaysia. He has received Twelve different Gold Medals for many folds activities. He has overall 43 years of teaching experience in Tribhuvan University. He has supervised Twenty-Two Doctoral Degree Theses. He has already examined more than Three dozen Ph.D. Theses from abroad. He is a member Ganesh Man Sing Foundation. Professor Tulasi Ram Vaidya is a historian and distinguished professor of history and culture.
Prof. Shreedhar Gauttam, Ph.D.
Prof. Shreedhar Gautam was born on August 18, 1959, in Gulmi district of Nepal. He earned B.A Honour’s degree from Meerut University, India in 1979. Later he joined Tribhuvan University of Nepal and completed his M.A in English in 1983. He became lecturer of English in Tribhuvan University in 1984. He completed his PhD research in English literature from Banaras Hindu University during the period 1994-1998. He was promoted to Associate Professor of English in Tribhuvan University in 2003. He was promoted to professor of English in the same University in 2007. He has passed MA in Political Science and also LLB from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. He was in New York University, USA, for three months in 2004 under Fulbright Scholarship in a program titled “Multiculturalism in America”. He was in Israel in 2007 in four weeks long seminar cum workshop titled “Role of Media in Social Change”.
Over the years, Dr. Gautam has held several positions in Tribhuvan University, including Head, Department of English, Patan Multiple Campus, Co-ordinator for M.A program in English at the same campus, and member of Research Committee, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. He has been member of English Subject Committee of Tribhuvan University as well as Pokhara University. He is also a member of English Subject Committee Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. He is founder member of one of the prestigious colleges of Nepal, Kathmandu Model College, situated in Kathmandu.
Dr. Gautam is former Vice-president of Fulbright Alumni Association of Nepal and central member, Progressive University Teachers’ Association. Currently he is General Secretary of Nepal Council of World Affairs as well as Nepal Canada Friendship Association. Dr. Gautam was columnist in The Kathmandu Post, the English daily from 2000-2009. Now he contributes to several papers in Nepali and English as freelance columnist. Dr. Gautam has participated in international conferences held in different countries including India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, China, Germany, Israel, and United States of America. So far he has authored six books. His latest published book is Nepal Through Political Quagmire: A chronicle of Betrayals and Blunders. His book on international issues is titled A Nepalese Perspective on Global Issues. His articles have been published in national as well as International Journals and Magazines. His hobbies include reading, writing and travelling.
Mr. Laxman Shakya, Ph.D.
Dr. Laxman Shakya is an author, born in December 26, 1951 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He received his Ph.D. from Magadh University, India in 1996. He is a lecturer at Sugata Buddhist College, ,Lalitpur and Theravada Buddhist Academy, Baneshwor, Kathmandu both colleges belong to Lumbini Buddhist University(LBU) and also He has published Nine books on Buddhist Religion. He is highly inspired by the Life of Lord Buddha. Dr. Shakya is a great scholar of Buddhist Culture and Religion. He is Vice-President of Nepal Buddhist Council, Lalitpur. He is a Treasurer of Lumbini Foundation Nepal. He is a President of Nepal Buddhist Society Kathmandu 1986 - 1990. He is a popular linguistic has learned- Newari, Nepali, English, Hindi, Thai, French, Pali and Sanskrit. He is a Program Director of World Without Anger(WWA) from 2009 till date.
Prof. Rita Shrestha, Ph.D.
Professor Rita Shrestha was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is serving as Professor, Central Dept. of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, since March 13, 2013 to date
She earned M A degree from Central Dept of Psychology, Tribhuvan University. She earned her PhD (Psychology/Organizational) in 1990 from University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. She has Post-doctoral teaching since 1990 to date.
She has published a number of Research Articles in the field of psychology. She is also expert in Cognitive assessment of children including Bayley Scales for Infant and toddler Development (III).She has received some gold medals for her Distinguished Professorship career as imminent Nepalese Organizational Psychology.
Khagendra Prasad Subedi, Chief Psychologist, Public Service Commission, Nepal.

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