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World Press Partnership: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

2015 promises to be a year of continued geographical expansion for Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and, over the forthcoming months, we will be celebrating our partnerships with new and existing distributors worldwide.

Although our publications are already marketed globally, we are continually striving to distribute our academic works to the widest possible audience. To expand into new territories, develop new distribution links, and increase our readership, Cambridge Scholars Publishing source and work with leading distributors and agencies throughout the world.

This month, we are announcing our growth in Pakistan through our new partnership with World Press.

In recent years, the Pakistani publishing industry has boomed. From 2002 new Pakistani media laws were passed, resulting in a wave of accessible information that championed information and knowledge.

As a country that has been governed by dictators and shadowed by war, Pakistani writers attract a global audience and allow readers to move past the headlines of newspapers and live Pakistani life and teachings through their words.  

Our new partnership with World Press has furthered Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s position in the Pakistani Market. World Press (founded by CEO Saleem Malik) is a Pakistani distributor located in Lahore. As a company that represents leading academic publishers, World Press has aided Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s expansion in the region.

Saleem Malik, CEO of World Press, said:

“For the past 15 years, World Press has represented distinguished publishers in subjects ranging from Fiction to Social Sciences. We are, therefore, excited to start a healthy partnership with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, as their specialist knowledge and forward-thinking approach makes for an exciting and promising venture.”

 Please click here to find out more about World Press.   

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