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Visual Arts

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Visual Arts books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including sculpture, classical and modern art as well as media, film and their effects upon viewers.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of artists to form an essential collection of books on the Visual Arts.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these resources will provide valuable insights for artists and art historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by visual world today.

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Postcolonial Star Wars

This collection of twenty short essays draws upon postcolonial theories established by Edward Said, Frantz Fanon, and Albert Camus to help readers better understand the power structures in Star Wars. Divided into five sections––Rebellion, Racism, Feminism, The Subaltern, and The Gothic––the text considers the narrative and technica...

Re-imagining African Identity in the Twenty-First Century

The book discusses the idea of African identity in the twenty-first century, calling into question and deconstructing any understanding and representation of the idea of African identity as being based exclusively on the notion of ‘Blackness’, or the Black race. In countering such an idea of African identity as a flawed notion, the...

Thinking Touch in Partnering and Contact Improvisation

What happens when artists take touch as a starting point for embodied research? This collection of essays offers unique insights into contact in dance, by considering the importance of touch in choreography, philosophy, scientific research, social dance, and education. The performing arts have benefitted from the growth of an ever-...

Cinema and Intermediality (Second, Enlarged Edition)

One of the most comprehensive books to focus on the relationship between cinema and the other arts, this volume explores types and stylistic devices of intermediality through a wide range of case studies. It addresses major theoretical issues and highlights the relevance of intermedial relations in film history, mapping the theoret...
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