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Picture of The Chinese Way

The Chinese Way

ISSN No: 2058-3052
Series Editor(s):
Du Zhengming
Subject: Chinese Studies

Series Description

China is undoubtedly a major player in today’s world, as the most populous, and third largest, country on the planet, with a rapidly growing economy and an increasing sphere of international influence. Despite this, there are many aspects of China that remain under-explored, particularly throughout the West. This series offers an in-depth exploration of a wide range of the important facets of everyday Chinese life that are often overlooked from an academic viewpoint, from folk tales and legends to traditional diets. Extensively researched and drawing on a wealth of material, the titles in this series are all authored by Chinese scholars, which adds a uniquely personal perspective to the academic rigour with which they analyse their respective subject matter.

Editor(s) Biography

Professor Zhengming Du is a scholar in the field of intercultural studies, with a particular interest in comparative studies of the English and Chinese languages and cultures. His extensive experience in translation and language teaching has resulted in dozens of publications to his credit, including fiction, poetry, and prose, in addition to numerous academic articles. Drawing upon his experience as a translator, Professor Du is also the author of Jimmy Du’s Essential Chinese (2013); Chinese Language (2010); Natural English Learning (2009); The Foreign Language, Translation, and Culture (2008); and Principles of Translation between English and Chinese (2008).

Series Titles

Chinese Food for Life Care

Chinese Food for Life Care explores traditional Chinese ways of eating, and the Chinese people’s opinions as regards the choices of food in various situations. It discusses a great variety of traditionally consumed Chinese food items, explaining why some items are more popular than others in the country, and why the Chinese people ...

The Chinese Language Demystified

The Chinese Language Demystified offers a detailed exploration of the features that have made Mandarin Chinese so unique among the major languages of the world, particularly English and other European linguistic forms of communication. While discussing the aspects that contribute to the perception of the language as somewhat ‘myste...

Traditional Chinese Exercises

Traditional Chinese Exercises offers detailed insights into practical ways of rebuilding one’s physique and keeping physically fit through well-matched illustrations. In addition to exploring such “regular exercises” as Qi-Gong and Taiji, it also investigates a number of traditionally practiced “minor exercises” that, without being...

Traditional Chinese Folk Customs

Traditional Chinese Folk Customs provides the reader with a kaleidoscopic view of social and cultural phenomena in various different areas and ethnic communities in China, in both ancient times and the present. Although the extent to which such old customs are still prevalent in Chinese society today varies, these traditions have h...

Traditional Chinese Rites and Rituals

Traditional Chinese Rites and Rituals provides a comprehensive overview of the social practices of Chinese people on various occasions of cultural importance. While explaining how these rites and rituals are performed, it also introduces the reasons why certain norms are followed by individuals, families and the state as a whole. A...