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Business, Management and Accounting Advisory Board

Aims and Scope

We are interested in receiving high class proposals for monographs, series, introductory texts and textbooks in all aspects of Business. Topics may include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Business Environment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Finance
  • Project Management

Selected Titles in this Collection

  • Competing on Talent in Today's Business World: A Blueprint for New Ways of Hiring
  • Fragile and Resilient Cities on Water: Perspectives from Venice and Tokyo
  • From Knowledge Management to Learning Organisation to Innovation: The Way Ahead!
  • Innovative Management Perspectives on Confronting Contemporary Challenges
  • International Journal of Business Anthropology, Volume 7 (1)
  • The Evolution of the Industrial Relations System in the Italian Shipbuilding Industry

Advisory Board Members

Adewale Adekiya

Business Consultancy

Brim Brain Consulting

Full biography

Professor Tanuja Agarwala

Human Resource Management

University of Delhi

Full biography

Husam Ahmed Al-Hashemi


University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Full biography

Professor Alaa Al Saedi


University of Basra

Full biography

Dr Nikolaos Boukas

Tourism & Hospitality Management

European University Cyprus

Full biography

Dr Debdeep De

Business Management

Jaypee Business School

Full biography

Dr Cecilia Dean

Business Philosophy

Independent Researcher

Full biography

Dr Manuel Enverga III

European Studies

Ateneo de Manila University

Full biography

Giulia Flamini

Family Business

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Full biography

Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

Philosophy & Management

Copenhagen Business School

Full biography

Dr Debbie Haski-Leventhal


Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Full biography

Dr Leonidas Hatzithomas

Marketing Communications

University of Macedonia

Full biography

Professor Vimi Jham


Institute of Management Technology, Dubai

Full biography

Dr Emenike Kalu

Corporate Finance

Kampala International University

Full biography

Dr Umayal Karpagam

Management Science

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Full biography

Dr Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Terrorism Studies

University of Palermo

Full biography

Dr Veda Devanand Malagatti


Chetan Business School of Management and Research

Full biography

Professor Lilac Nachum

International Business

City University of New York

Full biography

Dr Miguel Angel Navas

Maintenance Engineering

Madrid Metro

Full biography

Dr Hisham Noori Hussain


University of Basra

Full biography

Dr Lukman Olorogun

Islamic Finance

Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Full biography

Dr Vincenzo Pacelli

Banking & Finance

University of Foggia

Full biography

Shubham Pathak

Disaster Recovery

Asian Institute of Technology

Full biography

Dr Panagiotis Patsiadas

Civil Engineering

Lahmeyer Group

Full biography

Dr Hongxia Peng


Rouen Normandie University

Full biography

Professor Mirko Perano

Strategic Management

Reald University of Vlorë

Full biography

Dr Bruce Perrott

Marketing Strategy

University of Technology Sydney

Full biography

Dr Mary Jeyanthi Prem

Business Intelligence

Institute of Management Technology

Full biography

Dr Julia M. Puaschunder

Behavioural Economics

Columbia University

Full biography

Ardalan Sameti

Marketing & Management

Macquarie University

Full biography

Dr Hugues Séraphin

Tourism Management

University of Winchester

Full biography

Dr Mihaela Stefanescu

Sustainable Development

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Full biography

Dr Simon Stephens

Research Methods

Letterkenny University of Technology

Full biography

Sue Stockdale

Business Management

Business Management Consultant

Full biography

Dr Amos Owen Thomas


Stockholm University

Full biography

Professor Lasse Torkkeli

Business & Entrepreneurship 

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Full biography

Dr Michael Young

Project Management

University of Canberra

Full biography




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