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Dr Julia M. Puaschunder

Behavioural Economics

Columbia University

Julia Margarete Puaschunder has received degrees in Philosophy/Psychology (MPhil from the University of Vienna, Austria, in 2003), Business (MBA from Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, in 2007), Public Administration (MPA from Maxwell School, USA, in 2008), Social and Economic Sciences (Doctor from Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2006), Natural Sciences (Doctor from the University of Vienna in 2010) and Law and Economics (pending).

She has launched and administered research projects in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Switzerland, and the USA. She has conducted interdisciplinary science and governance projects, and has held or holds advisory, board member, evaluator, committee, contributor, observer, referee and representative privileges for numerous distinct institutions. In 2011, she served as a participant in a US White House conference call on environmental justice.

Before starting a Prize Fellowship in the Inter-University Consortium of New York working for the New School as well as Columbia University, Julia held positions at the University of Vienna and Vienna University of Economics and Business. For several years, she was an Associate of the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and serves as Contributor to the Harvard Law School Law and Mind Sciences Initiative SituationistAt the Harvard University Center for the Environment, she conducted research on intergenerational equity in cooperation with Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School.

Trained as a behavioural economist, she has over 15 years of experience in applied social sciences empirical research in the international arena. Julia serves as expert member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System and the Virtus Corporate Governance Experts Global Repository.

Throughout her academic career, Julia has been invited to present her research at Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Brown University, Oxford University and Cambridge University as well as the Academic Council on the United Nations System. She has published with Harvard University, Columbia University and Oxford University outlets among other distinct journals and international publishing houses, including Emerald, Palgrave Macmillan, Routledge, Springer International & Nature, and Wiley.

Julia organized conferences and public speakers from the Harvard Business School and Princeton University in North America and Europe. Since 2015, she has supported the Economics of Climate Change Project Speaker Series hosted at The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis of The New School for Social Research in New York City. Julia helped initiate the 2017 Unconference at the New School New York in cooperation with the New School for Public Engagement, and serves on the Scientific Committee of the 2017 Finance, Risk and Accounting Perspectives Conference at the University of Cambridge as well as the 2018 Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University Vienna. Julia was invited to be featured in the ‘2018 Marquis Who’s Who in America’ among other top professionals whose “endeavors are influencing their nation’s development.”

After having captured social responsibility in corporate and financial markets in Europe and North America with attention to financial social responsibility and socially responsible investment, Julia currently pursues the idea of eternal equity — responding to Western world intergenerational equity constraints in the domains of environmental sustainability, overindebtedness and demographic aging with a focus on law and mind sciences. Currently, Julia dedicates her interest to humanness, automated control and artificial intelligence ethics.