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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s wide array of books on Sociology are widely cited and consistently acclaimed in international journals and monographs. Covering topics from masculinities and femininities to social studies of everyday life around the world, the collection consists of a wide variety of complimentary approaches to understanding the social. It will be a crucial reference point not only for social scientists, but for researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences seeking to understand social approaches to their areas of interest.

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Forests for Public Health

Forests have diverse values and functions that produce not only material products, but also non-material services. The health functions provided by forests have been used for a very long time, but they have only been emphasized in many fields of society in recent years.The rapid increase in urbanization and the problems of stress, ...

Fighting Corruption in African Contexts

This book brings together leading African scholars and researchers from various academic disciplines, cultures, religions, and generations. It examines how to better mobilise and influence the actions, behaviour and attitudes of citizens towards accountability, transparency, and probity, in order to strengthen Africa’s integrity, e...

Chinese Immigration in Latin America

This book provides an overview of some of the current issues related to the social and cultural relationship between Latin America and China. In particular, it discusses challenges connected to Chinese immigration to various Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico....

Psychosocial Explorations of Gender in Society

The field of gender psychology is often dominated by work focusing on women. However, this book, adopting a psychological perspective, explores the various shades of gender, moving beyond its traditional binary division. The empirical research here provides insight into the significance of gender roles and identities in various sph...
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