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As well as accepting publishing proposals in Health, Physical and Life Sciences, we are continuing to publish in our core field of Social Sciences. To submit a proposal, please click here. To apply to join an Advisory Board, please click here.

Recent and forthcoming titles:

  • Human Resource Management And Organizational Innovation
  • Ambiguous Selves: Contesting Gender Binaries in Literature, Film and the Media
  • Disrespected Neighbo(u)rs – Cultural Stereotypes in Literature and Film
  • Milieus of ReMemory: Violence, Trauma, and Voice in Lebanon
  • William Orpen - An outsider in France
  • Painful Moods 
  • Leonardo da Vinci and the Virgin of the Rocks (Paperback)
  • The Language of Literature and Its Meaning
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Teaching Languages and Cultures