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Responsible Business Week 2014

This March, Cambridge Scholars Publishing is contributing to the debate on sustainability and organisational ethics by participating in Responsible Business Week (March 31st- April 4th), the largest annual conversation about responsible business.


Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a growing cross-disciplinary interest within the academic community with regard to issues of sustainability in business and society. An increasing number of Cambridge Scholars authors are exploring such issues in their publications.

Professor Jonathan Gosling, a member of our Editorial Advisory Board and Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter Business School, is one such academic. He is currently researching the leadership of malaria elimination programmes, of sustainable supply chains in China, and of professional organisations in melt-down. Jonathan explains the vital role that academic publishing can play:

“Business leaders are just one of the factors affecting the responsibility of business – regulators, media, trade unions and special-interest campaigns have important roles in the actual practices of responsible business. Scholarship in this area must therefore extend beyond a narrow focus on corporate strategy, drawing on a wider range of academic traditions”.

For more information on Professor Jonathan Gosling, please click here.

For further information on Responsible Business Week, please click here.

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