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"Gary Greenberg is a superb intellectual detective, following up on tantalizing clues in ancient texts to uncover sources and insights that others have missed. In this latest work, he traces similarities between the Gospel of John and the earlier Gospel of Mark. In so doing, he makes a remarkable discovery about the relationship between these two texts. Carefully crafted, well written, based on historical and literary analysis, Greenberg’s book enhances our understanding not only of the Gospels of John and Mark but the process whereby the gospels themselves came to be."
Barrie Wilson
Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar of Religious Studies, York University (Canada); Author of How Jesus Became Christian
"Greenberg offers a fresh and compelling study on the literary relationship between the Gospels of Mark and John. The study offers striking parallels between these two Gospels as well as a comprehensive and compelling explanatory theory for them. While no doubt some of these parallels have been addressed by others who have plowed the same ground, the study offers numerous parallels that have not yet been given proper consideration.  This careful and erudite comparison of Mark and John should be read by any engaged in the field of comparative gospel studies."
Adam Winn
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
"If John's author knew the Gospel of Mark, why is it so different? After all, many of the differences between "the Bi-Optic Gospels" are not simply theological; they are chronological, topographical, and perspectival. In an engaging new approach to these issues, Gary Greenberg explores ways that the Gospel of John may actually represent an augmentation of Mark, with a bit of corrective engagement along the way. And if so, such a thesis has profound implications for understanding more clearly the Jesus of history, not simply the Christ of faith."
Paul N. Anderson
Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies, George Fox University; Author of The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel