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"Images and Human Rights presents analysis and discussion that broadens the perspective and awareness of the reader. It suggests promising lines of future inquiry and asks the sorts of questions that all those interested in communication of human rights — be they an activist, scholar, educator, or practitioner — will benefit from reflecting upon."
Josh Pemberton
Harvard Law School
Harvard Human Rights Journal, 30 (2017)
"This timely volume offers an impressively rich multi-disciplinary collection of engaging and thoughtful essays on the role of the visual in protesting against social injustices and promoting human rights. It represents an invaluable contribution to debates on human rights representations and public action, paying much-needed attention to both image-makers and the subjects and communities they depict. Contributors to this book offer careful and sensitive analyses of images in a wide range of cultural and human rights contexts."
Dr Shani Orgad
Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics
"Mining the intersection of two fundamental concepts – pictures and human rights – this volume brings original perspectives to the topics. The authors reveal complex social, aesthetic, legal, and political dimensions of images and image-making. After reading these provocative case studies, it is difficult to look at images of people without reflecting on the dynamics of culture and power behind their creation and dissemination. Collectively, the essays make a compelling case for image-making not only as a human impulse, but also as a human right."
Peter Tokofsky
J. Paul Getty Museum
"This insightful volume informs us on important tenets of visual anthropology as an exploratory human rights project with a powerful potential to shape and raise critical awareness about politics and ethics of representation. [It is] highly recommended for anyone interested in film studies, visual anthropology and photography!"
Olga Ulturgasheva
University of Manchester