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Political Science

Cambridge Scholars Publishing champions Political Science books, which offer authoritative and inspiring research for academics at every level, policy makers and general readers. Our Political Science research topics span the range of the discipline, including International Relations, Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Political Theory, and Security Studies.

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Workers' Cooperatives

The present book is an outcome of a seminar which focused on finding out the possibilities of rethinking socialism in terms of workers’ socialism vs. state socialism (or more broadly, workers’ and peasants’ socialism vs. state managed socialism) which has been so well analysed by many scholars such as David Lane and Evan Luard. Sch...

Working-Class Nationalism ...

Nationalism and internationalism have always been powerful forces in the labour movements of the world. From the First to the Fourth International, from the International Labour Organization to the many international federations of trade unions, historians have studied both of these great forces for more than a hundred years. Inter...

World Constitutionalism

Intellectual quest for World Order is as old as the history of mankind. Saints and sages, religious visionaries and philosophers from all great civilizations have left their valuable contributions on the peaceful sands of time. However much of this wealth has been obliterated by other events of history wherein power, might and ...

World Governance

In the age of globalization and with increased interdependence in the world today, there is a question we may have to raise: Do we need, and could we attain, a world government capable of ensuring peace and facilitating worldwide well-being in a just and efficient way?There are obvious and strong arguments in favour of viable and s...
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