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Physical Sciences

We are now accepting publishing proposals in Physical Sciences, as well as continuing to publish in our core field of Social Sciences. To submit a proposal, please click here. To apply to join an Advisory Board, please click here.

Newly released and forthcoming titles:

Picture of Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security in the 21st Century

Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security in the 21st Century: Our Daily Bread

Lewis H. Ziska

With the global adoption of the “green revolution” in the 1970s; the long historical legacy of agriculture’s boom and bust cycle seemed – finally – to be put on hold. This book explores the history of agriculture, and the threat that climate change imposes for all aspects of our “daily bread”. While these challenges are severe and significant, it argues that we are not without hope, and offers a wide range of solutions, from polyculture farming to feminism that can, when applied, lead to a better future for humankind.

Picture of The Fabrication, Testing and Application of Fibre Cement Boards

The Fabrication, Testing and Application of Fibre Cement Boards

Zbigniew Ranachowski and Krzysztof Schabowicz

This book considers the composition, production, testing methods and application of modern cellulose fibre cement boards (FCB). FCB replaced widespread but now illegal and harmful asbestos building products. Despite the complexity of the FCB fabrication process, the material is currently widely implemented. The book will be valuable for researchers, architects, and both graduate and post-graduate students, as well as practicing engineers concerned with building technology.

Picture of The Formation of Structural Imperfections in Semiconductor Silicon

The Formation of Structural Imperfections in Semiconductor Silicon

V. I. Talanin, I. E. Talanin

This book brings together, for the first time, all existing experimental and theoretical information on the internal structure of semiconductor silicon. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, from materials scientists and practical engineers to students.

Picture of The Principle of Relations

The Principle of Relations: Paradigma Principia Relationum

Thomas Nordström

This volume presents a significantly different interpretation of nature and society compared with existing theories of logic, relativity, quanta, evolution, medicine and international relations. For the first time in a number of years, it offers a new paradigm dealing with the entirety of reality.

Picture of The Value of Life

The Value of Life: The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Research Programme

Rune Elvik

Studies designed to obtain monetary valuations of life and limb have produced extremely diverse results. Readers of the book will gain insight into internal norms of science that guide researchers to continue to pursue studies even if the findings, taken at face value, contradict the theoretical foundations of the research. Scientific theories can be upheld even when the evidence against them seems to be massive.

Hydrokinetic Energy: Principles and Applications

Raad Yahya Qassim

Intelligent Systems and Traditional Courtyard House

Rand H.M. Agha

Although many researchers believe that intelligent systems can improve building performance, the potential of such systems has not yet been fully recognized with regards to the traditional courtyard house. This book identifies the key features of the traditional courtyard house, and shows that a detailed knowledge of the features and capabilities of intelligent systems is an important aspect in the decision-making process in order to enhance the performance of courtyard houses.

Principle of organic coatings and organic finishing

Shun Xing Zheng

Smart Polymers

Asit Baran Samui

Solar electricity: from fundamental concepts to advanced terrestrial and space technologies

Brahim Aissa

Supramolecular Chemistry of Dendrimers and Nanomaterials: New Synthetic Strategies and Applications

Narayan S. Hosmane, Dr. Prabhuodeyara M. Gurubasavaraj and Dr. Fatima Abi Ghaida