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A World Government in Action

This volume presents a significantly different interpretation of society and international relations compared with existing political ideas.The world of 2019 can be associated with a number of terms, including nuclear weapons; population growth; climate change; deforestation; artificial intelligence; nationalism; refugees; democrac...

Understanding the Misunderstood in Emergency, Hospital and Outpatient Care for Special Populations

This powerful, high-yield guidebook sheds crucial light on a rapidly growing and yet underrepresented, vulnerable and unique population of individuals: those who are affected by one or more developmental disabilities.The first section provides background and lays out the medical disease associations and unique physical, emotional a...

Cognition and Language Learning

This collection highlights the interplay between cognition and language learning, and tackles such issues as cognition and skills development, language processing, vocabulary memorisation, metaphor identification, vocabulary attrition, motivation, and the perception of phonemes, among others. The contributions here represent curren...