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Life Sciences

We are now accepting publishing proposals in Life Sciences, as well as continuing to publish in our core field of Social Sciences. To submit a proposal, please click here. To apply to join an Advisory Board, please click here.

Newly released and forthcoming titles:

Picture of Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery

Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume One

Robert E. Smith

This first book in a two-volume set details how the healthcare community is working with patients and their caregivers to improve healthcare and reduce its costs. This book will appeal to specialists, who will find recommendations on safer materials for 3D bioprinting and ways to analyze dietary supplements for toxic contaminants, and physicians, pharmacists and non-professionals, who will learn the important different ways that dietary supplements and prescription drugs are developed, sold and marketed.

Picture of Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery

Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume Two

Robert E. Smith

This second book in a two-volume set tells how the healthcare community is working with patients and their caregivers to help improve health using P4 medicine, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This book will appeal to professionals, non-professionals and patients, who can learn how to improve healthcare and prevent diseases, while reversing the effects of global climate change.

Picture of The Ecology of Coral Reefs

The Ecology of Coral Reefs: Their Nature and Abundance

Yuri Latypov

This lavishly illustrated book explores the concept of reef ecosystems in order to allow the reader to become familiar with the characteristics of plants and animals found in coral reefs. It provides a conceptual description of the reef and its inhabitants, and sets out the overall species composition and structure of reefs and their corallobionts. An effective and novel introduction to the nature and ecology of coral reefs.

Biochemical, Rheological and Sensory Study during Ripening and Vacuum-packed Storage of a Spanish Cheese

Clara A. Tovar Rodríguez, María Inmaculada Franco Matilla and Verónica Bargiela Pino

Dying to Eat: Health, Heresy and Hysteria

Michael David Trevan

"The book is a refreshing, up close glimpse at national/international developments that have shaped our current thinking about the healthfulness of foods. The crowning achievements are the insightful evaluations of simple and complex experimental undertakings and the author’s measured assessment of food and health policy initiatives with their impact on what we should (not) eat to remain/become healthy. This is a book for the serious food science/nutrition student as well as those interested in better understanding the interface between science and policy development." Richard Holley, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Food Science, University of Manitoba.

Global Carbon Cycle and Evolution of Photosynthesis

Alexander Andreevich Ivlev

Inflammation and impaired immunity in diabetes

Aravindhan Vivekanandhan

Introduction and Application of Organic Fertilizers: Possibly Shield the Environment

Munir Ozturk, Nudrat Aisha Akram, Bengu Turkyilnaz Unal and Muhammad Ashraf

Plant Bioactive Molecules

Massimo Maffei

This book is divided into three parts designed to provide the reader with a general overview, a biochemical and a biotechnological approach to plant bioactive molecules. The first part analyses the concepts of chemical diversity, sustainability and functional role of bioactive molecules. The second part is dedicated to plant biochemistry. The third and final part describes plant biotechnology and production of bioactive molecules with industrial processes, both in vivo and in vitro.

Predictive Modelling in Food

Fernando Pérez Rodríguez, Antonio Valero Diaz, Elena Carrasco Jiménez and Guiomar D Posada-Izquierdo

The “calcium paradox” discovery due to Ca2+/cAMP interaction: Impact in neurological and psychiatric diseases (Second Edition)

Leandro Bueno Bergantin

This book extends the original concept of the “calcium paradox” discovery, herein compiling more than 300 references in the field of calcium ion (Ca2+/cAMP) signalling pathways, neurotransmission and neurodegeneration, and neurological and psychiatric diseases. In this second edition, novel illustrations and tables (highlighting current medicines for treating these diseases, including their mechanism of action) offer improved insights into the concepts for students and clinicians.

Trends in Landscape, Agriculture, Forest and Natural Science

Prof Dr Murat Zencirkiran