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Language and Literature

From collected essays on leading literary figures to innovative insights into world literature, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing ‘Language and Literature’ collection covers a wide spectrum, from Medieval literature, to Twentieth Century classics, and beyond. It includes award-winning titles, which are of interest to scholars and the general reader. Covering cultural and theoretical approaches, our studies in Literature and Language include leading edge research with a significant interdisciplinary reach.

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Writing Fundamentalism

Given its discursive amplification and its very real impact on contemporary societies, fundamentalism has become the focus of much scholarly attention. However, whereas it is commonly recognized to be centred on texts, the complex and at times paradoxical relationship of fundamentalism with literature remains as yet largely unexplo...

Writing the Modern America...

Where does a novel really begin? Does it start on the first page, or is there some earlier point of beginning in the story that is the true point of beginning? How far back in history might we go, looking for where stories begin? What is the real “origin” of narrative? Writing the Modern American West provides substantial interpret...

Writing the Other

An international group of scholars working in early modern English literature and culture have been invited to reflect upon one of the most dynamic dialectics of the period: the opposition between the concept “human, humanist, humanism” versus the concept “barbarous, barbarian, barbarism.” The result is Writing the Other: Humanism ...

You are What You Eat

You are What You Eat: Literary Probes into the Palate offers tantalizing essays immersed in the culture of food, expanded across genres, disciplines, and time. The entire collection of You Are What You Eat includes a diversity of approaches and foci from multicultural, national and international scholars and has a broad spectrum of...

You Girls Stay Here

This book will be of interest to students of both children’s literature and gender studies. It re-examines a period long considered to be of poor quality as regards children’s books. It explores a range of themes, such as female agency, power and courage, and additionally gives a linguistic analysis of selected texts. The book adopts a socio-cultural approach, placing the authors in their historical context. By focusing on a small number of authors in depth, it discovers subtleties perhaps ignored by a broad-brush approach. While reflecting their era in some respects, these writers also demonstrated individuality in their representation of gender, offering a wider range of models to their readers than previous critics have acknowledged.

Young Adult Literature and...

This book offers a multifaceted approach to the world of young adults, everything from Ray Schrock’s use of Walter Dean Myers’ sports stories to discuss race relations and cultural politics to Joyce Litton’s analysis of the highly popular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Quartet. The cover illustration is done by Joel Rudinger bas...

Zulfikar Ghose

In 1963, Zulfikar Ghose received a special award from the E. C. Gregory Trust that was judged by T. S. Eliot, Henry Moore, Herbert Read and Bonamy Dobrée. A year earlier, in an issue devoted to the newly emerging Commonwealth literature, the Times Literary Supplement featured Zulfikar Ghose as the most prominent poet from the forme...
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