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Picture of Inverting History with Microhistory

Inverting History with Microhistory

ISSN No: 2058-2935
Series Editor(s):
Marsha Robinson
Subject: History

Series Description

Inverting History with Microhistory is a series of edited volumes in which scholars question the allocation and appropriation of power by ordinary individuals. Microhistory has a long tradition of fascinating stories about the past that can assist in interpreting the present and shaping the immediate future. It can reinforce or challenge macrohistories, world histories, and metanarratives by privileging the experience of an individual or of a small group of individuals. In these contexts, microhistories invert the place of historical actors on the stage of the past, though they do not always subvert the dominant narratives of history.

This series publishes supplemental volumes about individuals, the challenges that they faced and the decisions that they made. Micro-level stories of the past can unite or divide the human family. By inverting the subject, the contributors to this series share research in which they found individuals and groups who deployed their personal power to shape their present and our past. Three volumes have been published so far in this open series. Proposals are welcome and can be sent to the commissioning editor, Marsha R. Robinson, PhD, at

Editor(s) Biography

Marsha R. Robinson is a Visiting Assistant Professor of World History at Miami University. She received a BSFS in International Finance and Commerce from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, her MA in History from Central Connecticut State University, and her doctorate in History from Ohio State University. The author of Matriarchy, Patriarchy and Imperial Security in Africa: Explaining Riots in Europe and Violence in Africa, she continues to publish and has presented her research at international conferences in the United States, Norway and Nigeria.

Series Titles

Lesser Civil Wars

Lesser Civil Wars: Civilians Defining War and the Memory of War is an edited volume that surveys three hundred years of the Memory of war and the Will to war in the greater Ohio River Valley and Great Lakes region. Military theorists from von Clausewitz, to Dingiswayo and Chandragupta, calculated the Will of their own soldiers and ...

Purgatory between Kentucky and Canada

Democracy is a multigenerational project, a haven carved out of tyranny by the liberal and diligent application of the sharp-edge of social networks.Purgatory between Kentucky and Canada: African Americans in Ohio presents the work of several scholars who have researched the micro-tactics of ordinary people who attempted to create ...

Women Who Belong

Why bother to invert the history of Western women? We must do so to fight an insidious, fallacious assumption that patriarchy is universal and eternal, and we must do so to nullify the amnesic effects of Domesticity’s potent semantics. We must resist this two-pronged attack that reduces women to powerless incubators. When we invert...