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Picture of Impetus


Journal Editor(s):
Sapna Newar
Augustine Perumalil and Yashwardhan Singh
Subject: Social Sciences

Journal Description

The aim of mankind has always been to transcend the boundaries drawn by the steeds of time and has been successful in doing so. We have moved far beyond the exploration of our own skies, into the vastness of outer space, exploring the deepest secrets of the Universe. This instinct to invent, to question, to discover has always given us hope that the emancipation of humanity is within our reach and we will reach the stage of Singularity, the consciousness of Nirvana. But, time and again we lose this hope, this instinct when we see the innumerable problems that plague our society. But should not we strive to become the master of our problems and slay them with the blade of our intellect, should not we follow in the suit of our pioneers. ‘Impetus’ a multi-disciplinary research journal is a humble step in this very direction. This initiative marks a departure from the legacy of just bookish knowledge which continues to shape our system and causes a gap between the theory and practice. Our endeavor is to provide a platform to researchers wherein they can inculcate a strong skill set in research and analysis.

Researchers form the backbone of a society. The Roman Empire grew to the pinnacle of strength because it had a well established Research and Development system. The Western part of the World is enjoying the zenith of materialism today because in their past they invested heavily in Research and Development, and no doubt they are still doing so today. Research is an integral part of any society, and therefore it deserves to be taken seriously. And if it wishes to establish itself as the orator of the World podium needs to take Research seriously.

This journal is dedicated to the cause of research that is interdisciplinary in nature. All knowledge needs to contribute to a confluence of new and innovative thought. A multi-disciplinary approach has many advantages as it offers a holistic view and together all disciplines facilitate a more comprehensive understanding. Impetus is an endeavor to develop such a composite image.

Editor(s) Biography

Fr Augustine Perumalil, S.J.has been in the teaching profession since 1992, teaching at various colleges such as Loyola College Chennai and Arrupe College, Harare, Zimbabwe. He has also authored a number of books and articles. His book An Invitation to Philosophy has been selected by the Lucknow Institute for Promoting Publications in English for distribution among Government funded libraries.

Ms. Sapna Newar has eight years of teaching experience. Presently working as an Assistant Professor at St. Xavier's College, Jaipur since 2010 and is at present the HoD of the Department of Economics. He has been selected to be included in the list of Asian Admirable Achievers drawn up by Rifacimento International, New Delhi.

Mr. Yashwardhan Singh has been working as an Assistant Professor (Economics) at St. Xavier's College, Jaipur since 2012.
Prior to that he had served as project fellow studying Water Issues, a project sponsored by the Planning Commission in association with University of Rajasthan.

Journal Titles

This is a new Journal and associated titles are currently being prepared.